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Garters. Material: textile. Size: 43" L. Description: black, yellow, green, pink and blue yarn pattern woven with white background - 16" L.; maroon braided yarn fringe.


White Woolen Stockings. (a,b) Material: textile. Size: 5 1/2" W. x 19" L. Description: off-white wool long stockings, hand knit, two inch ribbing cuff at top.


Dr. Shoop Headache Tablet Container. Material: paper. Size: 1 1/2" W. x 2 1/2" L. x 1" D. Description: off-white cardboard with an inner container that slides through outer cardboard sleeve; blue printing and logo across top, sides and bottom: "Dr. Shoop's Twenty Minute Headache Tablets, Certain Relief For Neuralgia or Headache", usage directions, advertising, testimonial from the doctor, and a photo likeness graphic; part of a blue stamp on one end. Inside box: white paper flyer with more de ... more

Mixer, Medicine

Black cast iron medicine mixer. Size: 5" W. x 7" L. x 2 1/2" D. Description: black cast iron mixing stand; small bowl stands under mixer shaft, parts held together by a screw.


(a) E Flat Cornet. Material: metal. Size: 6" W. x 13" L. x 3" D. Description: brass horn with three valves, intricate tubing flares to a bell shape; stamped on top: "Chas. H. Parsons Co., New York outlined in a shield logo. (b) Case. Material: leather, metal, textile. Size: 7 1/2" W. x 19" L. x 5 1/2" H. Description: blue and black simulated alligator leather case with red velvet lining; gold colored hinges and clasps; leather handle; [c] Holder. Material: metal. Size: 2" W. x 5 1/2" L. ... more


Material: earthenware. Size: 18" diameter x 6 1/2" H. - 1/2 gallon. Description: brown-red pottery - Albany Slip glaze - Red Wing manufacturer - handwritten label: "Louella from Great Grandmother".

Print, Photographic

Albert Naske. 2-1/8" x 3-5/8" photograph of a man identified on the back as Albert Naske; photographed by H. Manderfeld, Waseca, Minn.

Print, Photographic

Ciegelsky Women. 4" x 5-1/2" black and white photograph of three women identified on the back as Augusta, Emma and Ida Ciegelske; photographed by Bagne, Waseca, Minn.

Print, Photographic

Ms. Tempolin. 3-7/8" x 5-5/8" black and white photograph of a woman identified on the back as Tempolin. Photographer: Manderfeld, Minn.

Print, Photographic

Percy Ward, Fred Comee. 3 7/8" x 5 3/8" black and white photograph of two men posed with guns and a dog, identified on the front as Roscoe Percy Ward or R. P. Ward, and Fred Comee; photographed by A. S. Bagne, Waseca, Minn.

Tray, Money

Material: metal. Size: 7" W. x 10 1/2" L. Description: iron tray - rectangular shaped - various sized slots to hold coin denominations - larger compartment on right side for miscellaneous change - on bottom front: "Staats Tary Pat: Feb: 25 1890" - along left side: "$ 50 25 10" - upper right: "5."


Geneva Cast Iron Flatiron. Material: metal. Size: 3" W. x 6" L. Description: black solid cast iron with top handle; stamped on handle: star graphic and "Geneva, Illinois".

Photograph, crayon portrait

Mrs. J. K. Mitchell. 18 1/2" x 22 1/2" crayon print (color pastels) on paper portrait of an older woman, Mother Mitchell, Mrs. J. K. Mitchell; some stains and tears exist; backside notes, "From George Mitchell, September 7, 1972"; unmounted, fragile condition.


Shell Hatpin. Material: metal and shell. Size: 3/4" W. x 1 1/4" L. Description: metal stickpin; pin head is a small decorative metal flower and ivory colored, teardrop shaped shell.


Black Wool Cape. Material: textile and metal. Size: 50" W. x 31" L. x 15" W. shoulder to shouler. Description: black wool double cape; undercape extends from shoulders to below hipline; front closure with two frogs and four buttons (all missing except for one button); overcape extends from shoulders to mid bodice; wide pointed collar extends over shoulders; collar, front opening and hem of over cape all edged with 1" W. black taffeta band with 5 rows of black topstitching; front closure with o ... more


Dorothea Trotts Bierman Portrait Brooch. Material: metal, celluloid, paper. Size: 1 5/8" diameter. Description: black and white photo under clear celluloid of woman wearing high neck dress with lace collar, set in circular, decorative gold metal twisted edged frame accented with blue enamel; pin and catch on back side; photo strongly resembles woman in photo #7857.41: Dorothea Trotts Bierman. Luella Herbst's grandmother, Doris Bierman.

Holder, Candle

Orange Metal Cylinder Candle Holder. Material: metal. Size: 6 3/4" H. x 2 1/2" diameter. Description: orange painted metal - half cylinder of metal attached to inside of base dish - curved top - strap handle at back of cylinder.

Album, Autograph

Lydia Bluhm's Autograph Book. Material: paper. Size: 8" x 5 1/8". Description: black tooled leather cover with gold embossed lettering on front cover: "Autographs"; inside handwritten inscription: "A present from Miss Emelia Rosenau"; autographs dating 1891 to Lydia Bluhm, later Mrs. W. M. Cory, an early Waseca County doctor's wife.

Album, Autograph

Martha Hensel Autograph Book. Material: textile, paper. Size: 4 3/8" W. x 7" L. Description: red velvet cover; silver metal mounted title on cover: "Album" . Contents: autographs addressed to Martha Sophia Hensel.

Print, Photographic

Maplewood Park, Tent, Cabin, Hotel. 9-1/2" x 7-5/8" photograph of a lake scene identified as Clear Lake from Maplewood Park. Visible are a tent, a cabin, a partial view of the Maplewood Park Hotel, and the village of Waseca across the lake. Cardboard photo mount unidentified.


Material: textile, metal, button. Size: 21" W. x 15" L. Description: white cotton sleeveless bodice - crocheted yoke and shoulders - set-in waistband - front closure with four buttons, cord tie and hook and eye.

Print, Photographic Cabinet Card

Mary Kyes. 3 3/4" x 5 1/2" black and white cabinet card photograph of Mary Kyes; photographed by Yates Sisters, Waseca, Minn.

Print, Photographic Cabinet Card

Charlie Kyes. 3 3/4" x 5 1/2" black and white cabinet card photograph of Charlie Kyes; photographed by Yates Sisters, Waseca, Minn.


Material: paper. Size: 8 1/4" W. x 12" L. Description: white paper - pencilled notes on most of the 10 pages - subject: "Commemoration of 25th anniversary of the G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic)" - newpaper clippings pinned to some pages.

Pitcher, cream

Material: clear glass with gold trim. Size: 4" L (from lip to edge of handle) x 2 3/8" W. x 3 1/4" H. Gold luster on rim is fading.