The Ultimate Generosity of Planned Giving

The Waseca County Historical Society knows that, as a WCHS member, or a member of the Waseca County community, you are aware of their ongoing efforts to make WCHS one of the best local museums in Minnesota. WCHS gains community support every year, building on grant successes. And it is grateful for member and donor support, and annual appropriations that all help maintain operations to accomplish the WCHS mission. 

Since 1938 our early historian-volunteers worked to keep Waseca County history saved and available for future history education. Those, predecessors, however, never dreamed of the financial opportunities that we now have with the establishment and continuing growth of the Waseca Area Foundation.  WCHS is extremely fortunate in that it presently benefits from eight endowment funds. The endowments were created with one of these factors in mind: By a love of history, or family roots, or a successful business, a memory of a loved one, or simply a life well-lived in our community. History is about keeping memories alive.

Planned giving is the ultimate way that one can help accomplish our mission. As you think about making a Planned Gift to WCHS, gather information, discuss with family, and consult a financial professional. There are many financial gift possibilities such as Charitable Remainder Trusts, Annuities, Cash, etc.

WCHS Board of Directors
Dave Dunn, President