Contribute to the Annual Fund

Change means WCHS is evolving. It means the leadership is thinking of how can WCHS be even better? How can it operate more efficiently and still fulfill its mission? How can it serve its members and visitors in the ways they need and want? How should it communicate? How will it continue to be supported and by whom?

WCHS members are devoted and they are generous. This county community has watched WCHS grow into a fully functioning museum with ADA compliance and programs, and as one of the best genealogical research libraries in the state. There are state-of-the-art Timeline exhibits. WCHS is the steward of Waseca County history devoted to maintaining its artifact collection, but also growing its data base and website. Our members reside all over the United States and beyond. We are committed to making sure they will have this incredible link to “home.”

WCHS intentionally has created a broad base of financial support—because it is everyone’s history! Whether or not you were born here, you lived here for a while, you graduated from one of the high schools, or you worked for a business. Whatever the connection, we ask you to maintain that connection and support the Annual Fund—this year and every year that you are able!

Please download the form and send your check to the Waseca County Historical Society.

OR, you may donate online right here!

The Board of Directors and Staff are so very grateful!