Giving Tuesday

Donations and membership dollars are critical for operating support, as are annual appropriations from Waseca County, Waseca County Cities, and Township Boards and our endowment earnings. Please celebrate and support the legacy of all people, places and things that tell the unique story of Waseca county, past, present, and future. Thank you!

Balcony Exhibit: Where the Big Woods Meet the Prairie, a Timeline of Unique Stories

More than 150 years of Waseca County history in a permanent exhibit on the balcony!

What happened here? Who settled this county? Where did they come from? Do you have a connection to Waseca County history? It’s a unique exhibit inspired by a walk through historic Maplewood Park.

Hofmann Apiaries

Hofmann Apiaries

Larry and Jan Hofmann and the
Waseca County Historical Society

4661 420th (42x) Avenue
Janesville, MN 56048
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For more information about this project and programming contact Joan Mooney (507)835-7700.

Bailey-Lewer Research Library Hours

Our researcher is available on Tuesdays & Fridays from 9-5pm. If you are planning to travel from out of town please call ahead and make an appointment.