Endowment Funds give forever.

The heart of the ability to sustain funding over time is our family of endowment funds maintained by the Waseca Area Foundation. The Society has seven funds graciously initiated and contributed by generous members of WCHS and the Waseca County community. Our strategy is to keep building these funds to reach our goal of becoming comfortably sustained. If you believe in our mission—to maintain and interpret Waseca County history always, you have an opportunity. Consider giving to one of the following funds:

Edgar F. and Ethel Johnson Fund

WCHS Endowment Fund

Jerry and Linda Rutledge Heritage Fund

Wes and Carol Rethwill History Fund

WCHS Lifetime Endowment Fund

Frank and Barbara Goodspeed Memorial Fund

Marvin and Ardis Sutter Fund

Endowment donations to any of the following funds may be written payable:  Waseca County Historical Society. Please contact Joan Mooney, Executive Director of the WCHS, 835-7700.

To create a new named endowment fund, please contact the Waseca Area Foundation, 835-5990, or visit:  www.wasecaareafoundation.org.