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Cruet. Material: glass. (a) Cruet. Size: 2 7/8" W. x 5 1/2" H. Description: clear pressed glass, deeply cut designs on rounded lower container; narrow neck extends to a the opening with pouring lip on one side and a curved glass handle on the other side. (b) Stopper. Size: 5/8" diameter x 2 3/4" H. Description: round, multi-faceted glass knob with lower extension to fit inside cruet neck.

Holder, calumet

Pipe Bag. Sioux. Material: leather, bead and quill. Size: 5 3/4" W. x 23" L. with 12" L. fringe. Color: natural deerskin pipe bag, Dakota Indian, trade bead & quill work adornment, symbols at bottom, thin strips of deer skin wrapped in quill work attached near opening of bag.


(a) Glasses. Material: glass, metal. Size: 1 1/8" W. x 4 1/2" L. x 4 1/4" D. Description: clear glass - oval shaped and rimmed - silver riding bows and hardware (alumico). (b) Case. Material: leather, metal, textile. Size: 2" W. x 5" L. x 3/4" D. Description: black leather over metal hinged frame - purple velveteen lining.

Print, Photographic

Bock Women. 4-7/8" x 3-1/2" black and white photograph of four women identified on back as Helena Bock Manthey, Marie (Mary) Bock Billing, Katherina Bock Kinn, and Elisabeth Laudert Bock (mother of the other three named), circa 1890.


Handcrafted Bookshelf and Writing Desk. Material: wood, glass, metal. Size: 43" W. x 63 1/2" H. Description: dark brown wooden combination desk and bookcase; decorative top piece; four wooden shelves on the left behind a framed glass door; gold metal chain door fastener; circular mirror on top right above drop down desk front forms writing table when opened; writing table on the right folds down on hinges to form desk also revealing a small drawer and cubicles; one drawer under writing table ... more

Print, Photographic

Frank Deyling Family. 7" x 9" black and white photograph of 7 people; in front an older man is seated with a young woman seated on either side of him, in back are 4 young men standing, identified as the Frank Deyling family.

Print, Photographic

Young Boy and Girl Portrait. 3-3/4" x 5-1/2" black and white photograph of an unidentified boy and girl about 10 and 12 years old; photographed by A. S. Hellebo, Janesville, Minn. Offset photographic image on the back is from Acc. #57.96.11.

Print, Photographic

Bride and Groom Portrait. 4" x 6" black and white wedding photograph of an unidentified bride and groom; photographed by A. S. Hellebo, Janesville, Minn.


Charles Stindt Portrait Oil Painting. 10 3/4" x 8 1/2" oil painting; unframed; of Charles Stindt; wearing a black suit and tie; he has a gray beard and brown hair; gray background. Artist unknown.


Caroline Schreiber Stindt Portrait Oil Painting. 11" x 8 3/4" oil painting; unframed; of Caroline Schreiber Stindt, wearing a black dress with gold pin at neck and white collar; a black bonnet with bow tied under chin, some white decoration on the bonnet, brown hair parted in the middle and pulled behind the ears. Artist unknown. The backside shows painting was done on back of a crayon portrait of an unidentified man.

Print, Photographic

Dr. M. M. Davidson. 3-3/4" x 7" black and white photograph of man identified on the back as Dr. M.M. Davidson; shown in full figure, wearing dark winter hat and coat, posed in a snowy studio setting.

Photograph, Tintype

Studio Portrait of a Seated Woman and a Standing Woman. Material: metal. Size: 5 1/2" x 3 3/4". Description: tintype of two unidentified women, one sitting, the other standing, wearing formal dark dresses, hats and gloves, formal pose.

Ribbon, Fraternal

Material: textile, metal. Size: 3" W. x 9" L. Description: green satin ribbon (representing the Ancient Order of Hibernians, an Irish Catholic organization) - gold colored metal horizontal bar at top with pin on back; green enameled shamrock and the gold letters: A, O, H on each lobe, gold harp above leaf and black enameled building ruins - three ribbons extend from bar pin: white ribbon shorter than the others with American and AOH crossed flag poles and graphic flags, clasped hands, ruins, s ... more

Photograph, crayon portrait

Mrs. Asa Sutlief. 16" x 20" charcoal and pastel portrait on cardboard of an older woman identified as Mrs. Asa Sutlief. She has gray hair parted in the middle, oval wire rim glasses, dark dress with fitted puffy sleeves and pleats down the center of the bodice and high neck with a white brooch in center. The image has brown speckled stains over areas. Eliza Sutlief, wife of Asa Sutlief. See Accession 775a for Mr. Asa Sutlief portrait.

Print, Photographic

Patrick Gueran. 20" x 16" pastel portrait on cardboard of an older man with gray hair, white beard with no mustache, gray suit coat and vest, white shirt, no tie; blue background by shoulders; identified on back in pencil as Patrick Gueran

Photograph, crayon portrait

John Saufferer. 20" x 16" charcoal portrait on cardboard of a man identified as Mr. John Saufferer; has gray hair and balding, gray beard, dark suit coat with white shirt; excellent detail of face. Condition is fair, has many brown mold spots. Another charcoal drawing of him by a different artist is #2214c (lighter tones, less facial detail); this drawing goes with #2214b (Mrs. John Saufferer).

Print, Photographic

Hanson and Cleary, Railroad Crew and Locomotive. 7 1/8" x 4 1/8" black and white photograph mounted on white cardboard with gold edge; of a 440 Wood Burner, a locomotive, more specifically the #419 Chicago & Northwestern Railroad; two men are posed by it, Charles B. Hanson, engineer, and William Cleary, fireman, were the crew on its run between Waseca and Tracy. Chicago and Northwestern Railroad. C & NW Railroad.

Print, Photographic

Janesville Women's Softball Team. 5-1/2" x 3-7/8" black and white photograph of nine unidentified young women, all wearing Union Civil War caps; baseball equipment, a ball, mitt and bat, face mask are visible at center; photographed by A.S. Hellebo, Janesville, Minn.

Print, Photographic

Janesville Main Street. Janesville Parade. Material: paper. Size: 8" x 10". Description: black and white reprint photograph of main street Janesville; of a parade identified on the back as Janesville celebration; photographed by A.S. Hellebo, Janesville, Minn.

Card, Trade

J. H. Bell & Co. Material: paper. Size: 4 1/4" x 2 3/4". Description: tan with red, black and brown ink printing; front side shows image of a boy in knickers, striped shirt and cap yelling (hawking); imprinted: "After the Fair . . . Imitating the Showman, Big Snaks"; below image: "Downs Patent Improved Self-Adjusting Corset"; reverse side graphic of corset, description and sales copy; faded ink stamp on bottom of local company, "J. H. Bell & Co., Waseca, Minn.

Print, Photographic Cabinet Card

Young Woman Portrait. 3 7/8" x 5 1/2" cabinet card portrait photograph of a young woman with fair curly upswept hairdo, dark lace capelet and two-strand beaded choker; photographed by Fred Mueller, Owatonna, Minn.; photo has scratches and other surface damage.

Basket, needlework

Needlework Basket. (a) Basket. Material: wicker. Size: 9 5/8" diameter x 3 1/2" H. Color and description: brown narrow strands of dried and braided grass woven through strands of flat reddish colored smooth bark strips. (b) Lid. Material: same material as basket. Size: 10 1/4" diameter x 2 1/2" H. Description: same as basket.

Photograph, crayon portrait

Augustina DeWitz Schnepf. 19 1/2" x 13 1/2" hand-colored, black and white portrait photograph of Augustina Henriette DeWitz Schnepf (who was better known as Henrietta Augusta Schnepf); she is wearing a black dress with set-in sleeves, black lace collar, 4 buttons down front center with some gathers in the bodice; dark hair is pulled back. Photo has 2 yellow splotches, some scratches.


Chautauqua Ribbon 1890. Material: textile. Size: 1 3/4" W. x 5" L. Description: red silk ribbon; black lettering: "K. P. Day, Chautauqua Assembly, Waseca, Minn. July 22, 1890" and black graphic: shield, plumed armor helmet and javelin.

Print, Photographic

Mary and Arthur. 3 3/4" x 5 1/2" black and white portrait of a mother and son; unidentified; same woman in Accession #24.98.3; photographed by A. J. Lawin, Waseca, Minn.; the woman is wearing a dark polka dotted blouse, a black ribbon and brooch at neckline, center parted and pulled back hair style. The boy is wearing a black suit, white shirt, black bow tie, pin with a photograph in it on left lapel; they are posed with their heads together; identified only as "Mary & Arthur" (same woman as in ... more