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U.S. Army - 10'L x 8'W x 3'D; round metal canteen with convex sides covered with khaki canvas fabric; a hole in each side of canvas where a triangular ring of metal is hinged; hole in top for the neck of canteen; cork stopper with metal cap & loop on top, between loop & metal ring around canteen neck is a chain of links to secure the stopper to the canteen; between the triangular rings is a tan cotton cord with a big tassel at each ring, shoulder strap; canvas is painted, one side has a lake sho ... more

Military, Duffle bag

Duffle Bag. Material: textile, metal. Size: 11 3/4" W. x 37" L. x 12 1/4" D. Description: dark green canvas bag - four black metal eyelets around top - metal loop in one eyelet - canvas handle at mid center side - top strap (1 7/8" W. x 23 1/2" L) holds black metal spring hook - flapped patch pocket with snap closure near side handle - black stenciled print across side: "Charles D. Meyer 477-60-5510 US".


Material: leather and metal. Size: 11" W. x 15" L. (including handle). Description: black leather - silver-toned metal frame at top edge of bag - closure with two metal snap knobs - tan leather lining - label: "Warranted Goat Seal" - one inner pocket - one black leather strap on each side of top.


PLACEHOLDER Material: leather, metal. Size: 8 1/2" W. x 7" L. x 3 1/2" D. Description: brown leather bag - stamped floral pattern over all - narrow 48" L. carrying strap riveted on each side to purse- seams sewn with narrow leather braided strips - gold tone metal swivel clasp at top side - leather flap over top contains other half of closure - one inside pocket.


Material: textile. Size: 18" W. x 19 1/2" L. Description: white silk chiffon - white ornate embroidered "C" monogram in one corner.


Man's Blue Handkerchief. Material: textile. Size: 14 1/2" square. Description: blue silk damask; floral patterned; bordered with a gold stripe.

Box, Collar

Traveling Man's Collar Box (#1785a) & 3 Collars (#1785b,c,d).- (a) Box. Material: textile, leather, metal. Size: 4" W. x 1" D. x 10" L. (folded); opens to 23 1/2" L. Description: black leather exterior with horizontal striped pattern - blue satin lining - two snap closure in front flap with gold lettering: "Soft-Collars" - sides fold over to cover the collars.

Knife, pocket

Material: metal, ivory. Size: 7/16" W. x 2 7/8" L. x 3/8" D. Description: steel blades - one black wooden handle - one ivory handle - blades fold back inside handle pocket.

Bag, Shoe

Plaid Shoe Bag. Material: textile, plastic, metal. Size: 6 1/2" W. x 17 1/2" L. Description: red and black plaid fabric with loop handle, beige vinyl lining and black vinyl trim; metal zipper closure.


Material: plastic and metal. Size: 4 1/4" W. x 5 1/2" L. x 3" deep. Material: brown Naugahyde - two metal eyelets on each side hold drawstring closure - a horizontal line of fringe trims both sides of purse under metal eyelets - one carrying handle on each side at top.


Green Velvet Purse. Material: textile, metal, glass. Size: 3" W. x 10 1/2" L. x 5" H. Description: green velvet pouch, pink satin lining, zippered top closing; gold filigree and green glass brooch trim on front.


Material: textile. Size: 4 3/4" W. x 8 1/2" L. x 2" D. Description: beige cotton yarn - open work crocheted bag - red silk lining and ribbon threaded through handle.


Brown Cotton Drawstring Reticule. Material: textile, metal. Size: 4 3/4" square x 2 1/2" deep. Description: brown cotton woven exterior purse with a knotted shoestring drawstring top; maroon silk lining shows through woven exterior; fringed ends around opening. Deteriorated lining.


Material: textile, metal, wood. Size: 6 1/4" W. x 9 1/2" L. x 1 1/2" D. Description: navy blue stained wooden beads sewn into a clutch style bag - gold toned metal frame opens at top - navy blue cotton lining - one inside pocket compartment.


Material: metal. Size: 6 1/4" W. x 6" L. x 7/8" D. Description: silver chain mail extended from a hinged silver frame - five metal beads suspended from bottom - 16 3/4" L. metal chain handle at top.


Material: metal. Size: 6 1/4" W. x 7" L. x 1/2" D. with a 16 1/2" L. handle. Description: gold toned double metal bar frame at top - closure with metal clasp in top frame center - chain mail extends from frames to form a rectangular bag - metal chain band at bottom edge extends into ten points - each point ends with a small metal bead. (Some beads missing)


Brown Wool and Tooled Leather Drawstring Purse. Material: textile, leather. Size: 9" W. x 13 3/4" H. x 1" D. Description: brown felted wool body with brown silk slip for the twisted cord drawstring; tooled leather and velvet front decoration; knotted cotton tassels trim the bottom.


Black Faille Clutch. Material: textile, metal. Size: 11 1/2" W. x 5 7/8" H. x 5/8" D. Description: black faille clutch style, single snap flap closure; black satin lining.


Material: textile. Size: 16 1/2" square x 16 1/4" H. Description: natural tan colored jute - five red, blue and beige horizontal bands outlined in black encircle top area of bag - four pink narrower horizonal bands spaced at intervals encircle lower part of bag - unlined shopping bag style - 1" W. x 10" L. handles at top.


Material: textile, metal. Size: 8 1/2" W. x 9 1/4" L. x 7/8" D. Description: brown canvas - front flat snaps to pouch front - hook on heavy canvas top strap - stamped on front flap: "U.S."

Mask, Gas

U.S. Army Uniform, 8469a-n - Gas Mask - Found inside gas mask carrier #8469M. Metal canister painted green attached to canvas covered hose attached to a face mask with clear glass eye holes & rubber tube to insert in mouth. Attached around head via black elastic bands. Instruction envelope attached to hose near canister.

Cleaner, eyeglasses

U.S. Army Uniform, 8469a-n - Anit-Dimming Stick - Found inside gas mask carrier #8469M. Size - 2 5/16 " H x 1 3/8 " diameter. Metal can with lid. Painted tan. Black ink printing reads "This can contains anti-dimming stick for gas masks. instructions for use. wipe the innter surface of each eyepiece clean with the soft rag. Breathe on the cleaned surface and on the anti-timming stick to moisten them and rub the stick twice across the eyepiece. Again breathe on the eyepiece and rub the anti-dimmi ... more

Bag, ditty

Material: textile. Size: 12 1/2" W. x 14 3/4" L. Description: olive drab cotton - white cotton flat tape drawstring at top - label across front: red graphic and print: Red Cross Organization symbol and "American Red Cross".

Trunk, doll

Doll Trunk. Material: wood, paper, metal, leather. Size: 9 1/2" W. x 16 1/4" L. x 10 7/8" H. Description: natural wood box covered with brown patterned paper; rectangular shaped box; hinged and domed top; brown leather straps; metal corners and latch hardware; brown patterned paper inside compartmentalized lid; brown plain paper lining.


Material: metal. Size: 1 3/8" W. x 2" H. x 3/8" D. Description: gold tone - textured swirled pattern on sides - blank flat rectangle on one side for engraving - two screws on bottom and lettering: "Evans Fuel" and "U.S. Pat. Re. 1923".