8469 o
Cleaner, eyeglasses
U.S. Army Uniform, 8469a-n - Anit-Dimming Stick - Found inside gas mask carrier #8469M. Size - 2 5/16 " H x 1 3/8 " diameter. Metal can with lid. Painted tan. Black ink printing reads "This can contains anti-dimming stick for gas masks. instructions for use. wipe the innter surface of each eyepiece clean with the soft rag. Breathe on the cleaned surface and on the anti-timming stick to moisten them and rub the stick twice across the eyepiece. Again breathe on the eyepiece and rub the anti-dimming composition evenly over the whole surface with the tip of the finger. When to use the anti-dimming stick. The composition is to be applied to the eyepieces of the gas mask, weekly or after each time that the mask has been worn."
Waseca County Military - WWI. Minnie Krause Estate. Complete uniform with helmet, boots, belt, money belt & gas mask. Worn by Edward Otto Krause in WWI.