U.S. Army - 10'L x 8'W x 3'D; round metal canteen with convex sides covered with khaki canvas fabric; a hole in each side of canvas where a triangular ring of metal is hinged; hole in top for the neck of canteen; cork stopper with metal cap & loop on top, between loop & metal ring around canteen neck is a chain of links to secure the stopper to the canteen; between the triangular rings is a tan cotton cord with a big tassel at each ring, shoulder strap; canvas is painted, one side has a lake shore scene; other side has scene of ocean, edifice on shore with high wall & lighthouse & U.S. flag; condition - cord is together only by one thread, cord has yellowed
Waseca County Military - Spanish American War. Art. Painting. Canteen carried by Herbert Starr, Company B.