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PLACEHOLDER Material: wood. Size: 1" diameter x 9 1/2" L. Description: brown cylindrical peg - point at one end.

Rod, lightning

Material: metal. Size: 1 3/4" W. x 10 1/4" L. x 3/4" thick. Description: dark metal - spiked and branch type design - threaded hole at bottom - one "branch" broken at tip.


Material: wood, glass, metal. Size: 36" W. x 83" H. Description: mustard yellow wood - one horizontal panel below a tall frosted glass window - black metal door handle and back plate on right - black and gold painted letters on door: "Iversen Law Firm".

Finial, Lightning rod

Lightning Rod Finial. Material: metal. Size: 4 1/2" W. x 8" L. Description: steel - twelve-point starburst finial with center decorative hole; threaded on one inside end - 5/8" W. opening to attach to lightning rod.

Enframement, Door

E. A. Everett Residence Front Door. Material: wood, glass, metal. Unit size: 6 1/2' W. (includes top molding width) x 9' H. (includes threshold and top molding height) x 8" deep (includes door frame). Description: dark oak stained 8' H. door; metal hinges, knobs and decorative escutcheons; white painted frame and lintel; oval frosted, etched and beveled glass insert: 26 1/2" W. x 52" L.; egg and dart design oak trim encircles the oval pane; top frame trimmed with dentils and crown molding. Se ... more


Everett Residence Porch Rail. Material: wood. Size: 6 1/2' L. x 23 3/4" H. x 5" deep. Description: white painted upper and lower routed rails; twenty turned vertical spindles between horizontal rails; section of front porch railing from the E. A. Everett house. See accession 1.99.1034. Everett Residence, Everett House, Everett Home.


Spike. Material: metal. Size: 1/2" W. x 4 1/4" L. Description: rusty metal spike; pointed at one end; square head.

Cover, Flue

Material: metal. Size: 8" diameter. Description: white painted metal - red and black painted flowers and lady on center of cover - silver metal back - written on back: "Used to close stove pipe opening in wall."


St. Mary Stained Glass Window. Material: glass, wood. Size: 71 1/2" W. x 63 1/2" H. Description: multi-colored glass with a green stained glass border next to brown stained and finished Gothic pointed arch wooden frame; glass inset letters on banner pattern across pane: "St. Mary's Church".


Memorial Hospital Cornerstone. Material: stone. Size: 10" W. x 14" H. Description: marble oval shaped stone - one stone: "19" - on the back of stone: "Cornerstone of Waseca Memorial" - other stone: "21."


Cement Slab. Material: concrete. Size: 21 1/4" square x 2" D. Description: gray cement slab - stamped on front: "W.F. Rourk Artifical Stone Sidewalk."


Vivian Church Cross. Material: wood. Size: Description: white painted wooden cross - on back in pencil: "Cross from Vivian Lutheran Church so. [southeast] of Waldorf, Otto Arnoldt and Dick Sandberg" - this church identified as the St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Waldorf.


Herter Coompany Door. Material: wood, metal, glass. Size: 35" W. x 85" H. Description: darkly finished oak, lower oak single-panel, upper frosted glass panel lettered in black: "Herter's Importing Co. Office"; three hinges on one side, brass plate holds brass knob set (one knob missing); Argent lock set above handle.

Tile, Drain

Clay Drain Tile. Material: clay. Size: 12 1/2" H. x 4" diameter. Description: 1) red tile; round flat bottom. 2) dull reddish brown; square. 3) brown; hard glazed; hexagon shaped. 4) red; two inch diameter passage for water.

Tile, Drain

Drain Tile. Material: clay, plastic. Size: 12 1/2" H. x 4" diameter. Description: 1) 5" plastic tile guard. 2)3 1/2" clay tile. 3) 3" clay tile. 4 & 5) 3" clay tile; flat bottom. 6) 3" clay tile; flat bottom. 7) 2" clay tile; flat bottom. 8 & 9) 3" clay tile; square. 10) 3" six-sided clay tile. 11) 3" tile; flat bottom. 12) 5" clay tile; ribbed. 13) 4" plastic tile. 14) 3" clay tile; narrow flat bottom. 15) 4" concrete tile. 16) 4" clay tile. 17) 5" clay tile; hi flow. 18) 1" clay tile; paperw ... more

Plaster, Wattle

Wattle Plaster Wall. Material: plaster. Description: white plaster; willow stick and hair mortar wall.

Brick, Building

Adam Bishman House brick, Otisco. Material: ceramic. Size: 3 1/2" x 7 3/4" x 2 1/4". Description: cream colored brick.


Winona and St. Peter Railroad. W & St. P Railroad Stained glass window from St. John's Episcopal Church, Janesville, MN. Material: glass, metal, wood. Size: Description: stained glass; held together by strips of lead; wooden frame; cross at top: "Sobriety, Truth & Justice, and Morality"; train graphic in center; "The gift of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers of the W. & St. P.R.R." Winona and St. Peter Railroad. W & St. P Railroad.


Doorknob from Waldorf Public School. Material: metal. Size: 2 1/2" x 7". Description: brass doorknob set with plates and knobs for both sides of door. This set was from a second floor classroom of the old Waldorf high school that was torn down in about 1990.

Sill, Window

Pine Window Sill from Waldorf Lampert Yards. Material: wood. Size: 2 1/2" x 33" x 3/4". Description: Pine wooden window sill stripped of white paint; stamped on reverse, "Lampert. Yds. Inc. Waldorf. Minn. Mill".