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Material: textile. Size: 12" W. x 12 1/4" L. Description: white sheer cotton - interwoven border - green, pink, red and yellow embroidered floral rose print in one corner.


Material: textile. Size: 11 1/2" square. Description: white sheer cotton - hemstitched - green yellow and green stemmed rose pattern embroidered rose bud pattern in one corner.

Wallet, ration book

Material: textile. Size: 5" W. 7" L. Description: olive green canvas - envelope design to hold ration books - rounded flap slips into a cloth strip that extends the width of the item - red printing inside flap: "Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Werling, 901 Farnam Street, Davenport, Iowa" - two red point tokens (92.83.11-13) and seven ration books (92.83.2-8) were found inside pouch.


Material: leather, metal. Size: 11" W. x 20" L. x 14" H. Description: dark brown leather - leather reinforced bottom corners - "grip" style bag - base rests of eight gold colored metal half-rounds - leather handle secured to top with gold colorerd metal rings - gold colored metal clasp on each side of the handle - gold colored metal lock under handle - long inside pocket snaps in the center on one side - two shorter inside pockets on other side - top hinged to bottom case on one side.

Basket, pack

Material: wicker, textile, metal. Size: 9" W. x 12 1/2" L. x 17" H. Description: natural wicker - wicker and textile straps woven into back pack - brown 1" W. straps secured to pack with metal eyelets.


Material: plastic. Size: 3" W. x 3 1/4" L. Description: brown vinyl - beige fold-over flap with pinked edges - flap closes envelope style over pouch with a single white snap - written in pencil on flap: "Star".


Material: wood and textile. Size: 10 1/4" W. x 9 5/8" L. Description: beige, black, green, and red floral tapestry - pouch shaped - tan satin lining - two flat wooden handles - oval holes in handles for finger holds.


Material: textile, plastic. Size: 9 1/4" W. x 11" L. x 5/8" D. Description: black jersey - white drawstring bag - white jersey lining - white, blue, green, blue, yellow and red beads glued to exterior and white and clear beads glued to lining - white label inside printed: "Ella Hanson".


Wheelchair. Material: wood, metal, wicker. Size: 26 1/2" W. x 46" L. x 43 1/2" H. Description: natural wood - caned seat - wooden footrest caned at upper end - two front smaller, swiveling metal wheels - two larger rear metal spoked wheels - double with outer wheel being wood & for the hands; wheels are metal not rubber; seat sits on large heavy buggy-style spring - turned wood rear pushing bar.

Case, eyeglass

Schwenke Optometrist Eye Glass Case. Material: metal, textile. Size: 2 1/8" W. x 5 1/4" L. x 3/4" D. Description: maroon and black canvas over metal hinged case; maroon velveteen lining; gold lettering on top: "E.M. Schwenke, O.D., Optometrist, New Richland, Minn." Goes with eyeglasses: 82.97.2.


Wire-Rimmed Eye Glasses. Material: metal, glass. Size: 4 1/2" W. x 5" L. Description: silver toned metal bows and frames; gold toned nose pads; glass lenses. Goes with case: #82.97.1.


Dr. McIntire Hat Box. Material: leather, metal. Size: 7 3/4" W. x 8 3/4" L. x 17" H. Description: black leather circular case with blue cloth lining; circular holder for a hat inside bottom; top carrying handle and metal locking clasps on each side; gray luggage tag tied to handle with fine metal wire printed: "Dr. H. M. McIntire Waseca Minn."


Material: textile. Size: 16 3/4" square. Description: white cotton - blue stitched geometric pattern in one corner.


Circular Floral Face Fan. Material: metal, paper. Size: 3/4" W. x 5 3/8" L. (folded). Description: white paper; accordian pleated circular shape, multi-colored floral design with birds across fan; red stamped on side: "Shanghai Arts & Crafts, Made In The Peoples Republic of China" and a logo; each of two edges glued lined with white muslin strip and glued to a folding metal handle; full size when handle is open; hanging ring on end.


Dark Lens Plastic Frame Eyeglasses. Material: plastic, metal, glass. Size: 5 3/8" W. x 5 1/2" L. x 1 5/8" H. Description: darkly tinted, thick magnifying glass lenses, biofocal area ground into lens; hinged riding bows; clear plastic nose pads; brown/gray and plastic frames with sparkle flecks, silver metal accents on frame. Stored in case #91.97.5 b.

Case, eyeglasses

White Eyeglass Case. Material: plastic, textile. Size: 2 1/2" W. x 6 1/4" L. x 3/4" D. Description: off-white naugahyde case, open at top end; black fabric lining with zigzag trim stitched around three sides. Case for #91.97.5 a eyeglasses.

Bag, ditty

U.S. Army Uniform, 8469a-n - olive green cotton bag with drawstring closure; 10 1/4'W x 12 1/2'L; drawstring is olive green cotton twill seam binding type tape; white label with red printing inside bag reads 'COMPLIMENTS AMERICAN RED CROSS _______________ CHAPTER', with 'Torrington, Conn.' typed on it; condition - wrinkled, stains with fading in them

Bag, ditty

World War I Ditty Bag. Material: textile. Size: 8 1/2" W. x 12 3/4" L. Description: olive green heavy cotton canvas drawstring bag with two inside pockets, two outside pockets and a name tag sewn on inside: "Elmer Walfred Peterson". U.S. Army Uniform, 3.86.2-9.

Uniform, Military money belt

U.S. Army Uniform, 8469a-n - olive green cotton rectangle of fabric; 11 3/4'L x 5'W; edges are finished with olive green cotton seam binding stype tape; 1 end is folded over & sewn down like a pocket; other end is rounded & has 2 strips (ties) of seam binding dangling from it, they are 10 3/4'L & 11 1/2'; across the inside are 3 wide strips of striped flannel, each is about 2'W x 4 5/8'L, edges are unfinished & slightly ravelling

Kit, Mess

U.S. Army - Khaki canvas bag with shoulder or neck strap. Size - 12 3/8 " W x 11 3/4 " L x 3 " D. Inside is a pocket along the back panel & a slender long pocket on either side; closure is a flap that fold over the front & has a belt & buckle at bottom; stamped in black ink on front is "54 Co.K. 2nd. REGT N.G.S.M. U.S."; handwritten on front bottom right is "James A. McDonald"; a Volunteer Infantry pin was pinned at bottom just off center to left (#1299b); inside of flap stamped in black ink is ... more

Badge, political

U.S. Army - 2 part metal pin originally pinned on mess kit bag (#1299a) on front at the bottom of the flap just off center to the left. Size - 1 5/8 " W x 2 1/2 " L. Silver tone metal; top piece is curved downward slightly & has imprinted "JAS A. McDONALD"; bottom piece is shaped like a shield & has imprinted "CO. K. 12' MINN VOL. INF. WASECSA, MINN. 5'7'1898." Condition - cannot remove pin from canvas.


First World War Military Canteen. Material: metal. Size: 4 1/4" W. 7" H. x 2 1/4" D. Description: gray metal flask shaped with screw cap attached with chain; engraved on one side: "U.S. L.F.&C. 1918".

Uniform, Military belt buckle

PLACEHOLDER Material: metal. Size: 1 1/8" W. x 1 7/8" L. x 3/8" D. Description: silver tone metal buckle - black enameled circular center contains: a small silver shield on a black hawk against a red shield - silver lettering on logo: "86th Div. Black Hawk" - hinged belt loop attachment on reverse.

Canteen, Military

Material: metal. Size: 5" W. x 8 1/2" L. x 2 1/8" deep. Description: blue enamel over brown painted metal - spherically shaped vessel - neck with threaded zinc top - leather strap with buckle closure attached to neck - large metal hook hangs loosely from one side - strap attached to cork stopper - white ink stamp on one side of canteen: "_ebr. Pretsfeld_. Nurnberg 17".


U.S. Army Canteen. Material: metal, textile. Size: 8” x 10” x 3” deep. Description: khaki canvas covered round metal container; opening at top has cork stopper and threaded cap; black ink print stencil on one side: “Co.K. 2nd REGT N.G.S.M. 54”; handwritten on other side are names and places, “SANTIAGO CUBA', 'JAMES A. McDONALD - Co.K=12=MINN.”. Spanish-American War.