8469 K
Uniform, Military money belt
1918 Approximate
U.S. Army Uniform, 8469a-n - olive green cotton rectangle of fabric; 11 3/4'L x 5'W; edges are finished with olive green cotton seam binding stype tape; 1 end is folded over & sewn down like a pocket; other end is rounded & has 2 strips (ties) of seam binding dangling from it, they are 10 3/4'L & 11 1/2'; across the inside are 3 wide strips of striped flannel, each is about 2'W x 4 5/8'L, edges are unfinished & slightly ravelling
Waseca County Military - WWI. Minnie Krause Estate. Complete uniform with helmet, boots, belt, money belt & gas mask. Worn by Edward Otto Krause in WWI.