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Material: textile. Size: 60" W. x 32" L. Color and description: brown/yellow cotton crocheted - tassel trim.


PLACEHOLDER Crazy Pattern, Pink Embroidered Flower. Material: textile. Size: 19" square. Description: brown, red, black, green quilt top - crazy quilt design features piecework of varying patterns, textures and colors - pink center square with oval patch design - pink flower embroidered in center - all pieces are cross stitched onto a white cotton backing.


Material: textile. Size: 5 1/2" diameter. Description: ecru cotton crochet thread - crocheted circle designed around a center flower design - scalloped edging.

Sham, Pillow

Material: textile. Size: 27 1/2" W. x 29 1/2" L. Description: white with red embroidered trim displaying a person in bed and captioned: "Good Morning". Some rust stains.


Material: textile. Size: 9 1/2" W. x 10 3/8" L. Description: white cotton - blue embroidered design and monogram: "CRF" near open end.


Material: textile. Size: 11 1/4" W. x 18 7/8" L. Color and description: white cotton - yellow appliqued ducks swimming in blue water near open end - overcast edges in yellow and brown.


Signature Quilt of Blooming Grove. Material: textile. Size: 82 1/2" W. x 83" L. Description: multicolored solid and plaid cotton and wool circular pieces within blocks; signature quilt top is featherstitched with blended fabric backing squares; names worked in script: Lawrence Truitt. Mrs. G. Truitt, Mrs. J.T. Dahle, Jennie Dahle, Omar Dahle, Emil Woirst, Mrs. S.H. Jackson, Geda Jackson, Alma Jackson, Mr. S.Jackson, Joseph Jackson, Lewis Jackson, Mrs. J. Jackson, Mr. J. Jackson, Carl Selland, ... more


Child Size Wooden Chair. Material: wood. Size: 10" W. x 21 1/2" H. x 10" deep. Description: white painted straight child-sized chair; horizontal stretchers connect the four legs beneath the seat; three vertical spindles form the back; history written on chair bottom: "Table and Chair made by Knute Rotegard for his daughter Lilly 1910. Lilly gave them to the Rueben Burtness children 1940."


Material: wood. Size: 17" W. x 21" L. x 19 1/2" H. Color and description: white painted wood - child-sized - straight legs - rectangular top - earlier coat of green paint shows on table underside - history written on table underside.


White Bisque Figurine Vases. Material: ceramic. Size: 4 1/4" W. x 2 3/8" D. x 7 1/2" H. Description: (a) white bisque vase wheat bundle shape; 18th century dressed female figurine with brown hair, black shoes and gold accents, left arm rests on top of the wheat sheaf. (b) same as (a) except male figurine in 18th century costume, right arm rests on wheat sheaf top. Blue writing on bottom: "FG Mother's House."


Signature Quilt. Material: textile. Size: 80" W. x 88 1/2" L. Description: multi-colored fabric blocks - blue and white print backing - embroidered cursive names of quilters placed diagonally across squares - 324 names make up this "Signature Quilt": Amelia Nelson, Wilma Mittelsteadt, Maxine Lewer, Anna Bauman, Mrs. Aug. Schulz, Mrs. Fred Bettner, Mrs. J. Dierks, Mrs. Hugo Guse, Mrs. I. Hornby, Mrs. Ray McCleary, Mrs. Herb Johnson, Ruth Roesler, Mrs. Walter Yess, Mrs. Arnold Kroeger, Mrs. A.A. ... more


St. John Women Signature Quilt, continuation of name listing: Mrs. Edward Moeller, Mrs. L. Johnston, Mrs. Herb Johnson, Mrs. L.F. Kastner, Mrs. Ella Spies, Mrs. C.J. Ost, Mrs. R. Brouwer, Mrs. R.R. Turnacliff, Mrs. Ed Sommers, Mrs. A.M. Borgen, Mrs. Martin Lewer, Betty Kroll, Mrs. Leslie Marschalk, Mrs. R.M. Tolzmann, Mildred Proehl, Leona Scholljegerdes, Mrs. Ben Holtz, Mrs. Wm. Manke, Rose Menke, Mrs. F.D. Scholljegerdes, Mrs. W.J. Spittler, Mrs. Wm. Poplow, Mrs. M. Spang, Clara Billing, Mrs. ... more


St. John Lutheran Women Signature Quilt: continuation from second form: Mrs. John Lewer, Lillian Buker, Mrs. A. Burmeister, Mrs. Henry Grunwald, Mrs. Rob. C. Fette, Mrs. Louis Philipp, Mrs. Emma Leslie, Mrs. Andrew Yess, Mrs. Joe Masstke, Miss B. Naske, Mrs. Geo. C. Bauman, Mrs. J. McCarthy, Mrs. H. Riefort, Russell Weatherly, Mrs. George Lewer, Mrs. Owen Brisbane, Mrs. L.H. Fox, Mrs. Wm. Kreutz, Mrs. Wm. Abbe, Betty Burmeister, Mrs. Elling Larson, Helena Kujath, Mrs. Mildred Matz, Mrs. Oscar Hi ... more


St. John Lutheran Women Signature Quilt: continuation of names: Mrs. H. Riese, Mrs. Fred W. Miller, Mrs. Edward F. Priebe, Mrs. A. Bauman, Mrs. L. Gottschalk, Mrs. Elmer Lee, Mrs. Ed Priebe, Mildred Halle, Florence Twisselman, Mrs. H. Bauman, Elsie Buker, Olga Prechel, Gladys Hoechst, Mrs. F. Fishman, Mrs. Jay Barden, Cecelia Schuldt, Mrs. E. Eaton, Mrs. C. Bartels, Mrs. Roy Bishman, Mrs. E.J. Priebe, Otto Joecks, Mrs. A.J. Feller, Alfreda M. Johnson, Lena Statler, Mrs. A. Weckwerth, Mrs. Berth ... more


Spool Table. Material: wood and metal. Size: 14 1/2" W. x 34" H. Color and description: brown finished wood - three trapezoidal shelves topped by a small circular pedestal shelf - shelves ornamented and held together by wooden spools - spools strung on metal rods held with nuts form the legs - shelf edges trimmed with half-spools.

Bulb, Light

Material: glass, metal, wood, textile. Size: 2 1/2" diameter x 6 1/4" H. Color and description: clear glass bulb, wooden base with two screw posts for connecting wire - green felt bottom - replica of Edison's original electric light - two-loop filament.


Material: textile. Size: 20" W. x 20" L. Description: multicolored decorative silk pillow top - pink china silk backing - top design of man's portrait encircled with laurel wreath, draped flags below, bald eagle holding banner above, and: "Our George. He's all right." - printed below picture in black: "RearAdmiral George Dewey, U.S.N., The Hero of the Manila Fight" - red and white striped edges with 1 1/4" square blue field holding stars (one 9, one 11, and two 13 stars) - closed on three sid ... more


Material: textile, button. Size: 58" W. x 77" L. Color and description: white cotton muslin case - one open end closes with eight 1/2" diameter buttons and buttonholes.

Cover, Table

PLACEHOLDER Material: textile. Size: 22 1/2" W. x 20" L. Description: tan linen crash - trimmed with gold, green, brown, red and pink embroidered maple leaf pattern - stamped color tints on leaves - 3" W. tan lace scalloped border - written in black ink on back: "Seedings New Process Silks Outleaf 1632-33 Royal".


PLACEHOLDER Material: textile. Size: 10 1/2" W. x 27 1/2" L. Description: white cotton muslin - case open at one end - hemstitched around opening.


PLACEHOLDER Material: textile. Size: 16" W. x 33" L. Description: white cotton muslin - open on one end to receive pillow - 2 1/4" W. scalloped lace trim around opening.


PLACEHOLDER (a) Material: textile. Size: 14 1/2" W. x 33" L. Description: white cotton muslin - seamed on three sides - open on one end to receive pillow - 3 1/2" W. pointed scalloped lace on ends. (b) Material: textile. Size: 16" W. x 32 1/2" L. Description: white cotton muslin - seamed on three sides - open on one end to receive pillow - 3 1/2" W. pointed scalloped lace trim on ends.


PLACEHOLDER Material: textile. Size: 16 1/4" W. x 34" L. Description: white muslin - seamed to form case - 2 1/4" W. crocheted lace trim around open end.


PLACEHOLDER Material: textile. Size: 80" W. x 94" L. Description: white cotton sacking - five muslin sacks sewed together with flat seams.


Material: textile. Size: 18" W. x 18" L. Description: white cotton - cross-shaped - Hardanger lace technique.