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Set, Dresser

PLACEHOLDER (a) Mirror. Material: plastic and glass. Size: 4" W. x 9 7/8" L. x 1/2" thick. Description: green Xylonite - molded handle and square frame - small reverse scallops at corners - oval inset mirror - flower basket design on back. (b) Hairbrush. Material: bristle and plastic. Size: 2 1/2" W. x 7 5/8" L. x 1 1/8" thick. Description: natural straw colored bristles - patterned and designed to match hand mirror.

Mirror, Hand

Wooden Hand Mirror. Material: wood, glass. Size: 7" W. x 10" L. Description: Circular wooden frame and extended handle; carved wooden design and woman's picture on one side; beveled glass mirror insert on one side.

Towel, Hand

Material: textile. Size: 9 3/4" W. x 16 3/8" L. Description: white linen - red stamped pattern of butterflies and flowers on one end of towel.


PLACEHOLDER Material: textile. Size: 16 3/4" W. x 20 1/2" L. Description: white cotton huck toweling - crocheted edging on each end in a lavender flower pattern with black and yellow French knot centers.

Towel, Hand

Material: textile. Size: 15" W. 25 3/4" L. Description: white linen toweling - rectangular shaped - triangular white on white design throughout - 2 1/4" W. crocheted design insert at one end.

Towel, Hand

Material: textile. Size: 14" W. x 19 3/4" L. Description: white linen - floral embroidered design at one end in blue, green, pink and yellow floss.

Towel, Guest

Material: textile. Size: 18" W. x 32 3/4" L. Description: peach colored - double damask linen rectangle - overall woven white floral design - framed empty monogram oval printed on one end framed with a floral design.

Towel, Hand

Material: textile. Size: 18 1/2" W. x 32 1/4" L. Description: white linen crash - padded satin-stitch embroidery and punchwork - monogrammed "S" on each end sided by white floral spray embroidered trim - embroidered scalloped edges on each end.

Towel, Hand

Material: textile. Size: 16" W. x 18" L. Description: white cotton huck - 1/2" W. hemstitching on one end - scalloped edge overstitched on the other end - pink, yellow, violet and green French knotted embroidered floral and basket design on scalloped end.

Towel, Hand

Material: textile. Size: 22 1/2" W. x 28" L. Description: white cotton damask - fleur-de-lis interwoven pattern - scalloped overcast edges and white satin-stitched "P" monogram on both ends.

Pot, Chamber

Chamber Pot. Material: ceramic. (a) Pot. Size: 9 1/2" W. x 5 3/4" H. Description: white heavy china chamber pot - rounded sides - scrolled raised designs encircle upper area of pot; curved ornate handle on one side; raised base; curved lifters; one large chip and one crack. (b) Lid. Size: 9" W. x 2 3/4" H . Description: white china; small ornate handle on top; slightly domed top; 1" W. edge around base fits inside pot; raised decorative scroll work around top; numerous chips and a crack.


Material: ceramic. Size: 11 1/2" H. x 5" diameter. Description: white ironstone china; side handle; pouring spout on other side; scalloped edging around top and spout; stamped on bottom: "Ironstone China J. & G. Meakin, Hanley, England".


Ceramic Wash Basin. Material: ceramic. Size: 14 3/4" diameter x 4 3/4" H. Description: white ironstone china; wide top opening tapers to a narrower base; brown floral pattern inside and outside of bowl; raised pattern on exterior.

Towel, Hand

Material: textile. Size: 18 1/4" W. x 31 3/4" L. Description: white cotton damask - interwoven white on white fleur-de-lis pattern - hemstitched band on each end 1 1/4" from hemline - 4 1/4" square white crocheted lace insert with the letter "C" or "G" on one end.

Towel, Hand

PLACEHOLDER Material: textile. Size: 21 1/4" W. x 39 1/2" L. Description: white linen damask toweling - decorative embroidered flower basket design on each end - hemstitched on each end - large pink embroidered center "S" monogram in pink.


Compact. Material: metal, glass, plastic. Size: 2 7/8" diameter. Description:marbled gold, peach and brown case with an inside metal liner.


PLACEHOLDER Material: plastic, glass. Size: 5 1/4" diameter mirror - 5 3/4" L. handle. Description: glass mirror set in transparent plastic - transparent handle - scroll-like design runs around edges of handle and mirror frame - ivory and peach colored design with red, blue and green floral trim on mirror back.

Brush, Shaving

Lathering Shaving Brush. Material: celluloid, bristle. Size: 4 1/2" L. handle. Description: blue and ivory celluloid with natural bristles on one end; stamped on handle: "Sterilized - Made in U.S.A. - 1959 - Ever-Ready Guaranteed".


PLACEHOLDER Material: metal. (a) Canister. Size: 1 1/8" diameter x 2 3/8" H. Description: silver colored metal - canister for Williams Shaving Stick - imprinted on bottom: "Made by The J. B. Williams Co. of Glastonbury, Conn., U.S.A., Eft. 1840" and crowing rooster logo. (b) Cover. Size: 1 1/4" diameter x 1/2" H. Description: silver colored metal - lettered: "Williams Shaving Stick".

Set, Toilet

Baby Hairbrush and Cases. Material: celluloid, bristle. (a) Soap dish. Size: 2 3/8" W. x 3 1/4" L. x 1" H. Description: ivory colored celluloid oval dish. (b) Dish cover. Size: 2 1/2" W. x 3 1/2" L. x 1" deep. Description: ivory colored celluloid oval shaped lid with a raised outline of infant's face bordered with blue and white floral design. (c) Powder Box. Size: 2 1/2" diameter x 2 3/8" H. Description: ivory colored celluloid. (d)Box cover. Size: 2 5/8" diameter x 3/4" H. Descript ... more


PLACEHOLDER Material: metal, plastic, glass. Size: 1 3/4" W. x 1 3/4" L. Description: green plastic compact trimmed with pink floral pattern - glass mirror inside upper lid hinged lid - decorative gold painted band around edges - gold painted lower compact - 1 1/4" diameter puff inside.


Ivory Comb. Material: ivory. Size: 4 1/4" L. Description: ivory colored comb, many combing teeth projecting from one side.

Towel, hand

Material: textile. Description: white cotton - fringed ends - 2" W. red and white horizonal band on each end.


Encased straight razor used by Hudson Davis. (a) Razor. Material: metal and plastic. Size: 7/8" W. x 10 1/4" L. x 3/8" deep x 3/4" W. blade. Description: metal razor folds into black celluloid handle - engraved on tang: "Lindner & Co., ...T Last St..." below three crowns. (b) Case bottom. Size: 1 1/4" W. x 5 1/4" L. x 1/2 " thick. Description: black leather over cardboard - printed on one side: "The Original & Only True Pipe Razor Manufactured Only By George Wostenholm & Son, Limited, Sheff ... more

Iron, Straightening

Electric Hair Straightener. Material: metal and wood. Size: 3" W. x 10" L. x 3/4" thick. Description: black wooden handle attached two silver colored metal plates; thumb lever at end of handle operates metal plates; electrical.