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Material: metal. Size: 18" W. x 20" L. x 6 1/2" D. Description: black painted metal - four blades and blade guard - three-setting switch on back for rotation speed - metal plate below switch labeled: "Hunter Fan & Motor Co., Fulton, N.Y. U.S".

Set, Fireplace tools

Material: metal. (a) Stand. Size: 8 1/2" W. x 25 1/2" L. x 8 1/2" D. Description: brass upright with rounded base; rail tool holder around top edge. (b) Brush. Size: 4" W. x 23 1/2" L. x 1 1/2" D. Description: black bristles attached to an extended brass handle; hook on handle attached to stand. (c) Shovel. Size: 4 1/2" W. x 28" L. Description: brass scoop attached to an extended brass handle. (d) Poker. Size: 2" W. x 27 1/2" L. Description: brass rod.

Holder, match

DeLaval Separator Match Holder. Material: metal. Size: 3 3/4" W. x 6 1/4" L. Description: tin DeLaval Separator Co match holder; open bowl at top; match holder on left side; design of cream separator; black with print: "Save 15 dollar per cow per year"; DeLaval logo; "1,200,000 in use"; "The DeLaval Separator Co., New York, Chicago, Montreal, San Francisco, Winnipeg."


Metal Ash Shovel. Material: metal. Size: 5" W. x 14" L. Description: scoop shaped; hanger hole in end of handle.


Material: metal. Size: 3" W. x 6" L. Description: green painted metal - hanging hole at top - raised front lettering: "Matches" - opening at top to insert matchbox - opening at bottom dispenses matches.

Tongs, Fireplace

Fireplace Tongs. Material: metal. Size: 3" W. handle x 19" L. Description: iron tongs; flattened disks at tool end.

Tongs, Fireplace

Material: metal. Size: 3" W. x 13" L. Description: iron tool - two extended rods meet at top with a hinged spring - each rod flairs bottom and has gripping "teeth" - heart shaped cut-outs in each bottom gripper.

Holder, match

Match Holder. Material: tin. Size: 7" W. x 7" L. Description: rusty metal merchant gift with a diamond shaped mirror; sized to hold box of matches plus a striking surface.

Heater, oil

Material: metal, glass. Size: 4 1/4" W. x 7" L. x 9 5/8" H. Description: cast iron - lamp stove - one burner - oil tank - wick raising device on one side - two window panels on one side - top grate - stamped: "Gardner,Mass. U.S.A., Union". Condition - one window broken, rusty.

Heater, oil

PLACEHOLDER Material: metal and glass. Size: 4 5/8" W. x 6 5/8" L. x 8 3/4" H. Description: rusted cast iron tank - wick raising device on one side - glass window for viewing flame on side - grate on top - "Summer Girl, No. 1".


Match Box. Material: metal. Size: 1 1/2" W. x 2 1/4" L. x 3/4" D. Description: metal matchbox, textured surface, raised cross design box top.

Andiron (Firedog)

Brass Andirons. Material: metal. Size: 8" W. x 16 1/2" L. x 17 3/4" H. Description: brass - vertical ornately designed and shaped spindle with two curved legs hinged to a horizontal black cast iron support bar - two andirons form a matched set.

Basket, firewood

Brass Firewood Carrier. Material: metal. Size: 14 1/4" W. x 19 1/4" L. x 16" H. Description: brass basket - tray curved up at sides - narrow tubular handle curved over top attached at each side - four short feet at bottom.

Heater, oil

Blue Enameled Oil Burner. Material: metal. Size: 32" H. x 12" diameter. Description: blue painted metal cylinder - silver metal bands encircle cylinder at two places - silver metal lid and four curved feet - silver metal wire bail attached to top on each side with spiraled wire hand grip at top center - silver metal nameplate on side: "230-C" "Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater Made in U.S.A."


Woodbin. Material: wood. Size: 25 1/4" W. x 21" D. x 37" H. Description: pine box - vertical slatted design - slanted top opening - shelf at top.

Scraper, Ash

Ash Scraper. Material: metal. Size: 1 1/8" W. x 3 1/8" L. (base) x 25 1/2" L. Description: darkened iron tool - beveled edge scraper with long extended shaft handle - handle bent into hanger loop at end.


Cast Iron Stove. Material: metal. Size: 23" W. x 54" H. Description: maroon enameled cast iron room heater.


Everett Residence Andirons. Material: metal. Size: Description: See accession: 66.01.219. Everett Residence, Everett House, Everett Home.


Chicken Water Heater. Material: metal, textile. Size: 4" H. x 6" diameter. Description: circular metal container; metal ring round top center; wick in middle.

Scuttle, Coal

Coal Scuttle. Material: metal. Size: 18" W. x 12" H. Description: ribbed metal pail with red painted metal handle; partial cover over top.


Tinder Hoe. Material: metal, wood. Size: Description: metal hoe blade attached to wooden handle.