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Gold Brocade Spike Heeled Pumps. Material: textile, leather, plastic. Size: 3" x 10" x 6" H. Description: (a and b) right and left foot shoes of gold, metallic brocade fabric lined with leather; shoes taper to a narrow point at the toes; heels of shoes set on a 4" stiletto capped with neoprene; leather soled; label attached to inside shoe liners, "Soft-Steps by Citations"; size 9AAA.

Shoe, Child's

Toddler Leather Shoes. (a, b) Material: leather, wood, metal. Size: 1 3/4" x 4 1/2". Description: brown leather high top shoe with white leather sole; scalloped and perforated top edge continues down the side front of the opening; four small round buttons hold the shoe closed.

Boots, Hiking

Hiking Boots. Material: leather, metal, rubber, textile. Size: 3" x 10" x 14 1/2" H. Description: brown leather, low-heeled boots with lacing eyelets and hooks from arch to mid-calf; long brown leather tongue; 1" wood and rubber heel attached to a 1/4" leather sole; worn by Helen Angier Hodgson, the donor's grandmother.