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Brisbane Family Papers

Helen M. Brisbane Family History Research on Brisbane / Root Family. James A. Root / Hannah Brisbane family. 12 Pages. Inclusion: 1860 - 1919.

Horse Thief Detective Society Records

Three pieces of letterhead with the Waseca County Horse Thief Detective Society logo. The society was organized in 1864 after a pair of horses were stolen in Wilton. Vigilante riders were elected to retrieve the horses and hang the thief. An annual picnic and meeting are held on the 4th of July. Number of sheets: 3

Dairy Special Clubs Records

Dairy Special Club Constitution and By-laws. The Dairy Special Club was organized December 1915 to improve its members and the community. Meetings were held monthly at members' homes with a program and lunch served. Number of sheets: 4

Veterans Association Records

Waseca County Veterans Association. Minute book. Membership was open to all veterans of the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and the war with Mexico and their sons. Meetings were held annually at different sites around the county with a picnic and short business meeting to elect officers. Number of sheets: 1

Epworth League Records

Waseca League. Hand written cookbook. 1 vol.

League of Women Voters Records

Waseca Chapter of League of Women Voters By-Laws. The League of Women Voters was organized in 1936 and was officially disbanded in 1959 due to a decline in membership and indifference. The purpose of the league was to promote political responsibility. Number of sheets: 5

Waseca Baptist Sunday School Records

Waseca Baptist Sunday School Treasurer's book 1887-1898. Number of sheets: 1

Monday Study Club Records

Monday Study Club historic sketches of the club from 1946, 1954, 1979-80. The Monday Study Club was organized December 1904 as a means for women to gather, study, and discuss books, other countries and cultures, and to support various charitable works. Membership was limited to 40 women. The Child's Study Club and the Monday Study Club helped sponsor a public kindergarten class which was started in 1941 in Waseca. Number of sheets: 27

Wood Family Papers

Loren G. Wood Diary. Number of sheets: 1

King's Daughters Records

Kings Daughters Historical narrative prepared by Mrs. F.T. Day in 1942. The Kings Daughters was founded in 1886 by Mattie Ward and Maggie Tallon. The size of the group was limited to 16 members. They did charitable works in Waseca until the group disbanded in 1969. Number of sheets: 2

Bishman Family Papers

Bishman Correspondence 1872 - 1874, 1877 Letters to Adam Bishman Wilton, Minnesota from J. and J. Egelhoff, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Correspondence in foreign language. Adam Bishman was born in Germany in 1824. He came to America in 1846 and settled in Otisco in 1856. When the railroad was built through Otisco and completed in 1879 the post office was located in his home. He remained the Otisco Postmaster until 1892. Number of sheets: 24

Waseca County Credit Bureau Records

Waseca County Credit Bureau Membership list, 1929 and annual report, 1932. Number of sheets: 1

Waseca County Chautauqua Association Records

Waseca County Chautauqua Assembly Articles of incorporation. Formed in 1883 as the Waseca Chautauqua Assembly; stock was sold and Maplewood Park became one of the finest resorts in the state; never a financial success it brought many visitors and nationally known speakers to Waseca's Maplewood Park, and continued into the 1920s. Subscriptions were sold. There was a hotel, water slide, cottages and tent platforms. Later Chautauqua Assemblies were held at Trowbridge Park in Waseca. Number of sheet ... more

Waseca Fire Department Records

Waseca Fire Department Hose Company No. 1, Minute book. The first fire fighting equipment was purchased in 1868 for the village of Waseca. A volunteer fire company was organized in 1877 with a limit of 30 men. After a disastrous fire in 1881 the fire company was reorganized with 35 men in the First Engine Company and 15 men in the First Engine Company. Number of sheets: 1

Degree of Honor Lodge #118 Records

Waseca Degree of Honor Waseca chapter. Hardcover minute book for organization. The Waseca Degree of Honor Original Charter was granted on March 20, 1897. Number of sheets: 1

Palmer Cooperative Association Records

Palmer Creamery Record book containing minutes of the association 1894-1943. The Palmer Cooperative was established in losco February 9, 1894 and continued in operation until January 1920 when it was sold to Mr. S. Jackson. D.S. Bagne was the first president and the first buttermaker was Mr. Brady. Number of sheets: 2

Wilton Township Records

Number of sheets: 1 Road Petition.

Vista Lutheran Church Records

Vista 80th Anniversary Program. Material: paper. Size: 8 1/2" x 11". Description: typewritten pages include prayer, program, and hymn lyrics for services commemorating Vista's 80th Anniversary, 1856-1936. Actual date unknown, Sunday Divine Worship, Rev. Anton Chell, chairman (10 a.m.); and a Historical Program, A. F. Sponberg, chairman (2:30 p.m.). On Monday there was a Memorial Service, Rev. E. A. Ryberg, chairman, (11 a.m.); and a Jubilee Program, Reuben Youngberg, chairman (2 p.m.). Num ... more

Wilton Township Records

Number of sheets: 2 Objection to road petition.

Wilton Township Records

Number of sheets: 1 Hearing petition.

Wilton Township Records

Postcard. Number of sheets: 1

Wilton Township Records

Number of sheets: 2 Notice of Hearing.

Wilton Township Records

Number of sheets: 1 Road matter.

Wilton Township Records

Number of sheets: 1 Release of damages.

Wilton Township Records

Number of sheets: 3 Road notice.