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Miller Family Papers / McShane Family Papers
Movie Poster for "Hit the Dutchman", Jennifer Miller had a role in this movie in 1992. Jennifer Miller is the eldest of eight children of Alvin Miller Jr. and Donna (McShane) Miller. (Alvin is one of 22 children from the same biological parents, fifteen girls and seven boys.) Jennifer was raised on a farm in Waseca County. While in Waseca High School, Jennifer entered into a pageant and asked Rick and Sheila Morris of Waseca Floral to be her sponsor. After graduation from high school she attended the College of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota majoring in Pre Law before deciding to follow her passion of acting. Jenny came to Los Angeles after modeling and acting in Chicago, Illinois. Jennifer sent Rick and Sheila Morris photographs and correspondence over the years. Jennifer had to change her name at some point in her career because there was someone already in the screen actor's guild with the name Jennifer Miller. She decided to use her mother's maiden name and thus became Jennifer McShane. She did marry but kept her name as Jennifer McShane. Jennifer is best known for the following movies: Wayne’s World 2 (1993) - Girl at Concert (as Jennifer Miller); The Watcher (2000) - Diana (as Jennifer McShane); U.S. Seals (2000) - Melissa Bradley (as Jennifer McShane); Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (2002) - Cataline Stone. Jennifer has had roles in the following television series and movies: Hit the Dutchman (1992) - Frances Ireland (as Jennifer Miller); Renegade (TV Series) (1992) – Eye of the Storm - Nora Chase (as Jennifer Miller); Silk Stalkings (TV Series) (1993) – Dead Weight - Beth Snow (as Jennifer Miller); Never Say Die (1994) - Brooke (as Jennifer Miller); Cyborg Cop III (1995) - Evelyn (as Jennifer Miller); The Rage (1997) - Mother of killed boy (as Jennifer Miller); Stag (1997) – Kelly; Nash Bridges (TV Series) (1999) - Superstition - Finn Tucker; Shark Attack (TV Movie) (1999) - Corine Desantis (as Jennifer McShane); Replicant (2001) - Woman with red car (uncredited); Ticker (2001) - Nettle's wife - in flashback (uncredited); Monsoon (2001) - Sally Stephens; Outlaw (2001); Disaster (2003) - Hotel Receptionist (uncredited); Keep Your Distance (2005) – Lindsay; Furnace (2007) - Dr. Ashley Carter; Gideon Falls (Short) (2008) – Mom; The Fallen Faithful (2010) – Nancy; The Devil's Dozen (2013) – Russian; Grimm (TV Series) (2013) - The Waking Dead - Lilly O'Hara; Grimm (TV Series) (2013) - Goodnight, Sweet Grimm - Lily O'Hara; Flowers in the Snow (2015). Number of sheets: 1