Krause / Dierks Family Papers
Number of sheets: 2 Commencement Exercises Invitation from Waseca County Rural Schools to the "Thirty-First Annual Commencement Exercises" in the high school auditorium; inside folder includes the class creed, motto, colors and flower, the program with invocation by Rev. Ivar Ramseth, recitation by Mildred McGonagle, address by Rev. Elmer Ackerman, musical number by pupils of District #44 and presentation of diplomas by County Superintendent Arthur Spletstoeser; Mavis Dierks has signed on reverse as a member of the class of 1935. Diploma for Mavis Dierks. Rural St. Mary Township School District #44. School District 44; located in Waseca County, St. Mary Township, Section 27. Rural School District No. 44. Rural schools, country schools, schoolhouses, St. Mary schools.