Krause / Dierks Family Papers
Number of sheets: 1 Waseca County Public School District #41 certification that Mavis Dierks has passed the State Board Examinations for five required classes; signed by County Superintendent of Schools Arthur Spletstoeser. Rural Woodville Township School District #41. School District 41; located in Waseca County, Woodville Township, Section 32, Sunshine School; Rural School District No. 41. building later moved to Waseca County Fairgrounds. Built in 1874 on 3/4 acre tract purchased from Q. A. and Eliza Heath for $10. Square nails used in construction. Was located three miles south of Waseca on Hwy 13 serving District 41 for 80 years. First officials: John Collins, director; A. H. Brandt, Treasurer; S. Ryan, Clerk. Last officials: George Lewer, director; John Kujath, Treasurer; Carl Dinse, Clerk; Bernice Nelson, Teacher. Rural schools, country schools, schoolhouses, Woodville schools, Sunshine school.