Leuthold Brothers Clothing Store Records
Number of sheets: 14 Receipts to Leuthold Brothers Clothing Store from L.F. Armitage wholesale dealer in army goods and general merchandise of Waterville, Minn.; Brown Shoe Company, Buster Brown shoes, black puttees; C.P. Brown Mfg. knickers, play suits, breeches; Citizens Fund Mutual Red Wing Fire Insurance Co.; Carson Pirie Scott & Co. opera glasses, necklaces; Cluett, Peabody & Co. arrow collars, shirts, handkerchiefs and athletic underwear; Dexter Manufacturing Co. spiffy suit; Finch, Van Slyck & McConville underwear; Freeman Shoe Mfg. men's black blue police shoes; S.L. Hoffman & Co. brocaded leisure robe with skinner satin collar; H. & J. Homsy silk fabrics, mufflers; B.W. Harris, boys blouses, boys zipper blouses, mens stags, sheep lined coats; Kreis & Hubbard manufacturers of umbrellas and canes.