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American Red Cross Records
Waseca County American Red Cross Waldorf State Bank statement 13 May 1967; American National Red Cross Minn. - Iowa Tornado Disaster 682, Waseca Chapter, Alan Kunkel, Treasurer, Waldorf, Minn. Return checks for businesses: Tempo Department Store; Wolf and Habein; Southern Minnesota Grocery Co.; Boyd and Jack's Super Value; Skinners Department Store; J.C. Penney Co; Suburban Furniture; Sampsons Shoe Store; I.G.A. Super Market; Waseca Memorial Hospital; Edmund's Red Owl; Wolf's Super Market; Gordy's Men's Wear; Rindelaub's Bakery; Ben Franklin Store; Red Owl Store; St. Clair & Kastelle; Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.; Preuss Bake Shop; Quality Print Shop; Waseca Lumber Mart, Inc.; Piggly-Wiggly Store; McIntire Drug; Gambles; Waseca Coop Creamery Assn.; Anchor Inn; University of Minnesota; Pfaff & Kinder Furniture; Pheasant Cafe; Clemons Van Lines. Return checks for people: Ted Kukuk; Mrs. Carole Kukacka; Carole Kukacka and Johnson Chev. & Olds, Inc.; George Herley; Melvin and Louise Hinna; Larry Glover; Rose Hoffman; Dr. M.R. Gutfleisch; Jackie and Patricia Johannsen; Curtis Johnson, M.D.; Dr. S. Norman, M.D.; Herbert Zabel. Number of sheets: 1