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Rural Otisco Township School District #46 Records
Number of sheets: 1 Rural Otisco Township School District #46. Clerk's Record Book for 1877 - 1883 for school District 46; located in Waseca County, Otisco Township, Section 17, East of Otisco, MN, Bishman. Book lists: Annual School Meeting Minutes; Record of Special School Meetings; Names of Trustees, Elected or appointed; Treasurer's Report to annual meeting; Annual report of teachers; Teacher's contracts; District Treasurer's bond; Notice of Election to Office of School; Notice of Acceptance; Tax list. Rural School District No. 46. Rural schools, country schools, schoolhouses, Otisco schools, Bishman school. Note at back of book: "Henry Jacoby had this book in possession for such a long time that he was induced to use it as a family record 10 March 1883.