Everett Family Papers
Number of sheets: 27 Hamburg-American Line S.S. Resolute Around the World Cruise. Itinerary for Peiping (Formerly Peking); Photographs taken by Waseca County tour group: photograph by Constance "Connie" Everett April 6, 1930, "Going to the Great Wall, China"; Chinese National Police; Peiping to Ching Wang Tao April 8, Food server for third class", Resolute train taking Resolute tour members to Peking; Photographs from Great Wall of China: 168 Camel train crossing Great Wall; Watch Tower of Great Wall; Gates of Great Wall of China; Postcard photographs taken by Hamburg-American Line S.S. Resolute: Ming Street, Peiping; Drum Tower, Peiping; Lama Temple, Peiping; Entrance Gate to Hall of Classics, Peiping; Temple of Confucius, Peiping; Throne Hall, Forbidden City, Peiping; Lion; Golden Urns, Forbidden City, Peiping; Turtle; Hall of Public Audience, Forbidden City, Peiping; Interior View Hall of Public Audience; Gate to Central Park; Winter Palace; Marble Boat, Summer Palace, Peiping; Summer Palace; A Family of Peiping; Backsheesh, Peiping. Waseca County members of the Resolute Cruise: Constance "Connie" Everett, Dorothy Leuthold, Regene Miller Everett, (Connie's friend) Mary Catherine Phillips Schluck, Josephine Leuthold, Clarissa Miller, Cecile Miller, and Mrs. Charles Norton.