Herter's Records
Preparation page for Herter's Inc. Cookbook III page 268; black and white photo of Jacques (Jack) P. Herter; Christian (Chris) Dupont Herter and Lance Dupont Herter holding coconuts. Caption: "Coconuts grow by simply letting them rest on the ground. The Hawaiians eat coconuts in their early stages when the meat is soft and jelly-like. This is called "spoon coconut" as the meat is eaten with a spoon. Coconut water is the liquid found inside of the coconut. Coconut milk on the Islands is made as follows. Add half cup of coconut water or boiling water to three cups of grated coconut. Let stand 15 minutes or more. Knead with your fingers and squeeze through 2 thicknesses of cheesecloth removing as much milk as possible. If you have a mixer, put the grated coconut in a mixer with the water and blend. Allow to stand then drain off milk through two layers of cheesecloth. Use in drinks, over puddings or to make coconut syrup." Number of sheets: 1