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Rural Janesville Township School District #73 Records
Number of sheets: 1 Rural Janesville Township School District #73. Clerk's Book of Records for school District 73; located in Waseca County, Janesville Township, Section 8 and/or Section 17. Annual School Meeting 19 July 1932; 18 July 1933; Record of Special School Meeting 15 January 1932; Record of Transactions by the school board 16 June 1932; Names of members of school board elected or appointed; Treasurer's report to annual meeting 1932; Teacher's Contracts; District Treasurer's Bond; Notice of election to office of school, notice of acceptance; Clerk's statement of tax levy to the county auditor; Notice of Annual school meeting; Clerk's register of receipts and disbursements. Rural School District No. 73. Rural schools, country schools, schoolhouses, Janesville schools.