Blooming Grove Township Records
Number of sheets: 2 Handwritten bid 13 July 1896. "I hereby pledge myself to furnish all the material, to haul the same and erect a Town Hall 20 x 36 with 10 foot posts , all the material to be as per specification of June 29 and the work to be done in a good workmanlike manner. Building to be completed before November 1st 1896. For the above I ask the sum of $337.00. Signed Larson. "Bid accepted 16 July 1896." Signed Davis, Saufferer and Englebretson. Handwritten receipt 8 October 1897 "Blooming Grove, Received of the Town of Blooming Grove the sum of twenty dollars $20.00 which is payment in full for finishing contract on Town Hall." Signed Larson.