Hiller, Potato / Digger, Potato
Potato Hiller and Digger. Plow. Potato Digger. Material: Size: Description:
Brought in by Dick Sandberg. Purchased from Miner Bros. Implement Company, Janesville by Henry Schmidt, father of Mrs. Emil Felske. Pulled by one horse, usually ridden and guided by a little boy or girl, this implement could be used to make a furrow for planting, uprooting weeds between rows, pile dirt over weeds in the row or root out the potatoes for harvest. Potato Digger. Advertisements claimed that the potato digger made it possible to dig as fast as ten or twelve men could pick up and without cutting or bruising the potatoes. It was also the claim that it was so easy to operate that even a boy could do it and do good work! These potato diggers were manufactured around 1890. The hillock two horse elevator digger was manufactured in 1906. This model was tractor pulled and popular for nearly 50 years. Some were pulled by a team of horses while the operator walked behind.