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E.F. Johnson Company Building. Material: paper. Size: 5 1/2" x 8". Description: black and white newspaper photograph of the first E.F. Johnson Company building. Caption: Nearly forty years ago E.F. Johnson started a mail order business in amateur radio parts in one little corner of his father's woodworking shop, second store east of the Waseca Herald building on what is now 2nd Avenue N.E. This picture was taken during the world series baseball game of 1924 and the crowd gathered to hear the game over a radio receiving set with horn-type amplifier. E.F. Johnson had by then added radios at retail but space taken in the building had not increased. A plumbing shop, since destroyed by fire, occupied the building between Johnson Woodworking and the Waseca Hearld. Note that most of the cars have open-type buggy tops.
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