Kit, Radiological Instrument
Federal Civil Defense Administration Radiological Instrument Kit for Waldorf High School. (a) Crate. Material: wood, metal. Size: Description: yellow wooden crate; metal latch on front; Civil Defense logo on lid; Fragile Handle With Care sticker on sides; painted in black on front: "F.C.D.A. High School Kit, Radiological Instruments, Cu. Ft. 1.7, Wt. 32 Lbs." (b) Paper. Material: Size: 8 1/2" x 11". Description: yellow paper stapled to lid; Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, Warehouse Acquisition Sheet; dated September 17, 1958; Received by Mr. Marvin L. Tenhoff, Superintendent, Waldorf High School; signed by Releasing Officer, Inspector, Initiating Officer and Approving Officer.
Civil Defense; Emergency Management. Items: 9.15.64; 9.15.65; 9.15.66; 9.15.67 and 9.15.68 located inside crate.