Plate, Commemorative
Commemorative Centennial Plate of Pontoppidan Lutheran Church. Material: ceramic. Size: 10" diameter. Description: white glazed ceramic plate with double gilded rim edging; center black and white photo of three churches each representing the Pontoppidan Lutheran Church during different eras; captioned: "Pontoppidan Lutheran Church, Lemond, Steele County, Minnesota"; reverse legend of church history (see below) and manufacturer's stamp: "Preston-Hopkinson Co., Appomattox, Virginia".
Pontoppidan Lutheran Church--Lemond, Minnesota. Pontoppidan Lutheran Congregation of Lemond, Steele Co., Minnesota was organized in 1868. The first church was built in 1877. Pontoppidan assisted in forming the United Church Synod. Later they joined the Lutheran Free Church. In 1922 the first building was razed and a larger one built. The second building was destroyed by Lightning in 1962. A third building was erected and dedicated in 1963. Pontoppidan merged with the American Lutheran Church in 1963. Many Waseca County residents whose farms were on the west side of the Steele-Waseca County line were members of this church.