Plate, Commemorative
Commemorative Centennial Plate of LeSueur River Lutheran Church. Material: ceramic. Size: 10" diameter. Description: white glazed ceramic plate with double gilded rim edging; center black and white photo of a white clapboard, high steepled country church with cemetery stones in the foreground; high cement steps lead up to front entry door; the family stone monument of "Amley" is in the forefront; photo is captioned: "LeSueur River Lutheran Church, New Richland, Minnesota"; reverse side has the church history (see below) and manufacturer's stamp: "Taylor Smith Taylor 1571" and "Fotoware, Preston-Hopkinson Co., Appomattox, Virginia".
LeSueur River Congregation was organized by Norwegian settlers in 1861. The original log church was built in 1862 and replaced by the present church 1875. The first Ladies Aid was organized in 1886. Rev. B. I. Muus served the congregation from 1861-1866. Rev. A. N. Quammen, 1866-1872. Rev. O. A. Melby, 1872-1915. Rev. L. G. Engelstad, 1916-1919. Rev. Edward Nervig, 1919-1926. Rev. J. C. Walledom, 1926-1956". In the 1960s, the front of the church was extended out to include a ground level entry, lobby and meeting rooms.