Portrait, Oil
Oil Painting of William A. Clement Waseca Journal Publisher. Material: textile, paper. Size: 20" x 24". Description: gray and blue oils used to reproduce the image of William Clement, Waseca Journal Publisher 1901-1941; painted by artist Falconi in Italy who did the work from a newspaper staff photo taken in the 1930s.
Newspaper staff photo taped to reverse of painting. William A. Clement was an early editor of the Waseca Journal (father of Mrs. Payne). William Clement "engineered the consolidation of the Waseca Radical and The Waseca Journal in 1901 with six partners. He served as editor and manager, buying out the interests of all of his partners in 1902. He remained sole owner of The Waseca Journal-Radical until May 1, 1927 when he sold a half interest to Donald C. Brown..." For reference see Waseca Journal, October 11, 1967.) Painting has no frame.