Eugene Iverd Illustration for the cover of the Farm Journal magazine. Material: paper. Size: 8 1/2" x 11". (a) Description: color cover illustration by Waseca native, George Erickson (professional name, Eugene Iverd); subject shows a young girl seated on the ground surrounded by fallen apples; she has taken bites out of two that she holds in her hands; caption: "Apple Harvest" by Eugene Iverd. (b) Farm Journal publisher note on page 3 of the October 1936 issue stating that cover photo was used with permission from Eugene Iverd's agent in New York.
See Collection Information Form for more information. See also Acc.# 64.82.7 (Christmas Seals); 42.88.1-2 (woodblock print); 55.88 (mounted painting); 1.89.8 (magazine), 1.89.9 (proclamation) and 1.91.8 (Waseca Exhibit Program).