Sifter, Ash
Ash Sifter. Material: metal. Size: 33" W. x 39" H. Description: metal can with lid; metal box attached to lid; label on front: "Hickory, Metal-ware, The Sanitary Line"; metal twist tube in front.
Dr. H.C. Williams of New Richland, MN. Ash sifter advertisement: "Coal is gold! How to save it. Many people build a full coal fire at night with new coal and leave draft enough open to take off the coal gas, which must be done to avoid danger. In the morning they find the coal nearly all burned up and gone to waste. Now, instead of using new coal, put on your old coal saved from sifting ashes withe the ash sifter. This will bank your fire. Shut all drafts, leaving only enough open to keep your fire going. There can be no danger of coal gas, for there is none, having all been burned off and in the morning you will find about as much coal in the fire box as you left the night before and you have saved the new coal you otherwise would have burned had you not used the old coal instead. The same rule applies when you are not in need of a fire during the day."