Armand Marseille Flora Dora Doll and Doll Clothes. Material: textile, leather, metal, ceramic, glass, synthetic hair. a) Doll. Size: 5" W. x 20" H. Description: Model 370 bisque head, forearms, hands and shoulders with molded stamp, "370 A.M. O DEP Made in Germany"; blonde wig, brown glass eyes, slightly open mouth showing four white teeth; white kid body and upper jointed arms and kid legs down to the jointed knees; white cotton stuffed lower legs and feet. Doll is dressed in white cotton clothing: b) camisole; c) pantaloons; d) eyelet underskirt; e) sheer dress closed at the back with snaps; f,g) pink ribbed long stockings; h,i) pink satin shoes with gold metal buckles. Wardrobe items packed in original cardboard box with this doll: j) brown cotton long-sleeved waist blouse trimmed in red with hooks at back neckline; k) brown net sash; other white cotton items: L) sleeveless lace edged camisole; m) short sleeved, lace trimmed camisole; n) short lace trimmed underskirt; o) long eyelet underskirt with waistline placket; p) long dotted swiss dress; q) long white linen coat with lace collar; r) white bonnet with long ties; s) original cardboard box.
This Flora Dora bisque and leather doll belonged to Florence Evelyn (Dolly) Byrne of Waseca. Florence passed it on to her niece, Joyce Byrne, the donor of this artifact. Joyce was the daughter of Raymond Byrne, Florence's brother whose parents were Thomas and Johanna Reibold Byrne, son of Owen Byrne (1839-1907).