Print, Photographic, Digital
1930 Approximate
Roy Moore and Lorraine Moore Tornell and Electric Hair Perming Machine. Size of original: 8" x 10". Description: black and white photo of a father and daughter, Roy and Lorraine Moore posed in a curtained beauty salon cubicle; Lorraine is seated under the machine with its electrically wired curlers attached to her hair; Roy is posed standing beside her wearing his white barbering coat.
Roy Moore (7-17-1892 to 1932) was born in Blooming Grove, Waseca County, the son of John Moore and Clara Smith Moore. He married his wife, Mable (d. 1994) in 1917. Roy became a barber in Minneapolis, but he would come back to Waseca occasionally to give hair permanents to his relatives using a machine that was kept by his Waseca relatives for him. His daughter, Lorraine, was the first girl in Minneapolis to receive a permanent and this picture was featured in the Minneapolis newspaper of the times. Ray also played the violin and performed at wedding dances and "speakeasies" in a band with his wife on piano and his brother, Ed Moore. The last Waseca address of John and Clara Moore was at 522 7th Ave. S.E.