Print, Photographic, Digital
Maplewood Hotel. 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" black and white photograph of the Maplewood Hotel, which stands atop Maplewood Park, Waseca, Minn.; a wood-frame building with two stories, verandas surround the structure on all levels; this view shows the tower on the north side of the building; Clear Lake is located off to the right and down the hill.
Found in collection with note written on torn inside cover, "1971, to Waseca County Historical Society, from Wm. G. Cummings; pictures taken by my father, Dr. Damon S. Cummings in the late 1890s; (signed) W. G. Cummings; photographs of members of the Ward family, Trowbridge family, Everett family, Watson family.