Print, Photographic
July 4th Picnic at Clear Lake Park. Material: paper. Size: 8" x 11". Description: black paper album page featuring a collage of five photos showing teenage Waseca friends at Clear Lake enjoying a picnic holiday. Photo 1: two young men wearing dark suits recline on the park lawn, five young women in light colored dresses are seated behind the men, one young woman is seen running in the background; they are identified as Louis Gorgen, George Erickson, Sophia Knutson, Murph, Mary, Peg (Marguerite Herbst), Dorothy, Deker. Photo 2: two young men and two young women sitting on park lawn with picnic basket; they are Sophia Knutson, Louis Gorgan, Erick (George Erickson) and Peg (Margurite Herbst). Photo 3: two young women wearing light colored tops, identified as Sophia Knutson wearing a light colored straw brimmed hat and Margurite Herbst wearing a dark scarf tied around her head. Photo 4: three young women seated on a blanketed park lawn, identified as Sophia Knutson, Lida (Erickson) and Peg (Marguerite Herbst). Photo 5: two young men wearing dark suits and two young women seated in tall grass, identified as Lida Erickson, Marguerite Herbst, George Erickson and Louis Gorgen. Page 16 in album. Fourth of July. 4th of July. July 4th.
From the Luella and Marguerite Herbst collection. Donor, Joan Bierman is the donor of the Luella and Marguerite collection in 2013, and she is the granddaughter of their cousin, Bernie Bierman.