Print, Photographic
Hamburg-American Line S.S. Resolute Around the World Cruise. Kamakura 19 April 1930. Material: paper. Size: 3 1/4" x 5 1/4". Description: black and white photo of Clarissa Miller; Cecile Miller; Josephine Leuthold; Constance "Connie" Everett; Mary Regene "Gene" Miller Everett standing in front of Buddha statue; human powered rickshaw in front. Photo caption on back: "Buddha at Kamakura, Japan. Daibutsu - the great Buddha at Kamakura. 6 centuries old." Waseca County members of the Resolute Cruise: Constance "Connie" Everett, Dorothy Leuthold, Regene Miller Everett, (Connie's friend) Mary Catherine Phillips Schluck, Josephine Leuthold, Clarissa Miller, Cecile Miller, and Mrs. Charles Norton.
The donor is the great-grandson of William Everett, co-founder with Aughenbaugh, of the E. A. Co Mill in Waseca County. The Everett home, built by William's son Edward Everett, overlooking the east end of Clear Lake, was a showplace in its time, a classic Victorian-style home, the Everett house was demolished in 1958; it was an architectural and historical loss to Waseca County. Hamburg-American Line S.S. Resolute Around the World Cruise.