Everett Residence Porch Column. Material: wood. Size: 33 1/2" H. x 10" W. Description: white painted wooden fluted column; acanthus capital; circular base with piece of base board attached; flat top portion; column was located between the third-story windows of the family room, on the front of the house, the second story “little porch,” which was a summer play space and a sleeping porch for the grandchildren. Everett Residence, Everett House, Everett Home.
This building component unit was saved from the 1894 mansion built by local businessman E.A. Everett for his wife Antoinette (Nettie Miller) Everett and their son, William Rinehart Everett. Before the Everett house demolition in 1958, the Everett home was located at 206 N.E. 9th St., Waseca, Minnesota. Everett Residence, Everett House, Everett Home.