Print, Photographic
George Erickson Family Photograph Album. Waseca Central School Class of 1919. Material: paper. Size: 6" x 4". Description: black and white photo; written on board in front of students: "Central Waseca, Minn, 8."; Information from accession 1.08.300: "Central classes strike a pose. We're not sure what year this photo was taken at Central High School, but we do know there was representation from several classes, including 1918, 1919, 1920 and 1921. It was submitted by Allen Wolf of Waseca. Included are 1) Lawrence Wasbotten, 3) Harold Minkse, 5) Merle McGuire, 7) Rollins Jungke, 9) Pat Wyman, 12) Carl Erickson, 14) Andew Phelps, 15) Orren Roesler, 17) Clark Koechel, 18) Lillian Anderson, 19 and 20) Larson twins, 21) Ruth Roesler, 22) Adeline Krassin, 23) Ellen Priebe, 31) Ruth Weckwerth, 32) Constance Everett, 34) Minnie Born, 37) Adeline Bathke." There is a photo copy of the photo and a list of names with corrections made to the newspaper copy. The year 1919 is highlighted. This is the list of names: "1) Lawrance Wasbotten, 3) Harold Minske, 4) Wesley Steiner, 5) Merle McQuie, 7) Rollins Juhnke, 8) Art Wabshall, 9) Pat Wyman, 11) Cicil Hartson, 12) Carl Erickson, 13) Revel Jacobson, 14) Andy Phelps, 15) Glen Riegel, 17) Clark Koechel, 18) Lillian Anderson, 19) Hilda Larson, 20) Olga Larson, 21) Ruth Roesler, 22) Adeline Kerseine, 23) Ellen Priebe, 24) Adeline Billiard, 25) Alta Coates, 27) teacher, 31) Ruth Weckworths, 33) Thelma Gardner, 37) Connie Everett, 38) Lorence Mahler, 39) Finethe Leuthold. Number 8 is either Art or George Wabshall and number 28 is either Ester Lawine or Susan Kaison. Mr. Jacobson was the Superindendent. Mrs. Hartley was the Principal."
Photographs from the black cloth album, 12 1/2" x 10", of the George Erickson family, circa 1900-1920, showing the Waseca life of George Erickson, his parents, his brothers and sisters and friends. George Erickson became a famous magazine illustrator under the name, Eugene Iverd. The donor, Jean Sakamura is the daughter of George Erickson. George Erickson was the son of John Erickson (1861-1921) and Matilda (Nelson) Erickson (1867-1947). George had two brothers, John Albert Erickson (WHS class of 1911) and Carl Erickson (b. May 30, 1899, WHS class of 1919); and two sisters, Helen Erickson (Well) (b. March 12, 1904) and Lida Erickson (Peterson) (b. April 26, 1896, d. November 28, 1955, WHS class of 1916). George married his high school sweetheart, Lillian Remund (both WHS class of 1914) .