Record, 33
Waseca High School Vocal Department Recording. (a) Album Cover. Material: paper. Size: 12" x 12". Description: colored card stock cover showing back lit cloudy sky over a grove of trees, captioned "1971 Tell It Like It Is, Waseca High School Vocal Dept., Marvin D. Nissen, Director, Mark Custom Records 1970". (b) Recording Disk. Material: plastic. Size: 11 1/2" diameter. Description: black vinyl grooved disk with center label, "'71 Waseca H. S. Choirs, Marvin NIssen, Director, Gayle Kugath on the Organ, Jane Youngberg on the Electric Piano, and Mark R. Anderson on Drums; Side 1 Soloists Mark A. Anderson, Susie Raatz, Connie Senn, Jerry Welander, Steve Smith, Dave Eaton and a Duet by Dee Ann Nissen and Mark Applen, 33 1/3 rpm; side 2 Waseca Waseca H. S. Chorus Soloists Mary Niermeyer, Jeff Smith and performances by the Senior Choir, Varsityh Choir and the Combined Choir.