Print, Photographic
E. F. Johnson Company Employees. Material: paper. Size: 5" x 5". Description: color photograph of a large group of E. F. Johnson Co. employees, members of the 25 Year Club in 1975; identified L-R: (front row) Harold H. Muedeking, James C. Jeddeloh, William J. Chermak, Roy C. Myers, Harriet Ewest, Wallace E. Peterson, Nathan Bourassa, Reuben Roesler, Duane D. Myers; (middle row) Norbet A. Westphal, John J. Miller, Lovella Molkenthin, Bernice L. Rudolph, Margie Arndt, Milo Wobschall; (back row) Dona Hinkie, F. Joseph Kozan or Joe Kozan, Albert Groebner, Edgar F. Johnson, Luella Emge, Donald D. Ruble, Glenn Wobschall, William J. Spittler. Print on bottom of photo: "1975 E.F. Johnson 25 Year Club." See Accession number 8.05.129.
E. F. Johnson Co. 25 Year Club Recognition on December 4, 1975, at the Scotch Hearth, Owatonna, Minn.; E. F. Johnson Co. manufactured radio products and components since 1923-2004 in Waseca, Minnesota. Waseca business: E.F. Johnson Co.; E.F. Johnson Company; E.F. Johnson Corporate Headquarters; E.F. Johnson Company Corporate Headquarters; E.F. Johnson Co. Corporate Headquarters; E. F. Johnson Co.; E. F. Johnson Company; E. F. Johnson Corporate Headquarters; E. F. Johnson Company Corporate Headquarters; E. F. Johnson Co. Corporate Headquarters.