1920 Approximate
Salem Church Brass Altar Bell and Mallet. (a) Bell. Material: metal. Size: 5" diameter x 9" H. Description: brass bell with brass cross at the top, mounted on a brass base. (b) Mallet. Material: wood. Size: 1" diameter x 6 1/2" L. Description: darkly stained, machine turned and varnished hard wood bell striker.
According to a note from Reuben Born, this altar bell was rung by Harvey Johnston in the 1920s at Salem Church, Waseca to dismiss the Sunday school classes for the worship service. The first Waseca Salem Methodist Church was built in 1875, torn down in 1902 and rebuilt that year. The congregation built another new church in 1960 and was renamed the Salem Evangelical United Brethren. By 1968, the United Brethren and the United Methodists had merged and their name became Evangelical United Methodists. In 2013 the congregation disbanded, leaving the 1960 church building empty.