Uniform, Military Navy, Wedding
Robert Connors Navy Blues Uniform Wedding Attire. a) Jumper Shirt. Material: textile. Size: 17" x 26". Description: navy blue wool pullover shirt, wide sailor collar bordered with three narrow white piping stripes, long sleeves with two-button cuffs banded with three white piping stripes; left sleeve has white embroidered eagle above three red chevrons, one red stripe at mid-sleeve; embroidered inside back neckline: "R. M. Connors". b)Pants. Material: textile. Size: 16" x 42". Description: navy blue wool, flared leg design, button fly flap, laces in back waistline for size adjustment. c) Hat. Material: textile. Size: 10" diameter x 4". Description: navy blue wool sailor hat beret with wide rayon head band lined with yellowed leather, "U.S. Navy" stamped across front of head band; hand printed inside sweat band: "R. M. Connors". d) Tie. Material: textile. Size: 14" x 55". Description: navy blue rayon bandana gathered into a paper clasp at the center.