Poster, Auction
Ward Wendt Estate Auction Poster. Material: paper. Size: 12" x 18". Description: white glossy card stock with red top banner, white printed header: "Huge 2 Day Estate Auction, Ward Wendt Estate, 114 West 1st St., Janesville, MN"; printed below banner: "The famous house with the doll in the window" with black and white photo of the house showing the doll in the attic gable; color photos of items for sale.
The Ward Wendt Estate auction was held on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21, 2013 at 114 West 1st St., Janesville, Minnesota. Mr. Wendt was an avid antique collector for many years. Auction was handled by Malecha Auctioneering of Janesville with auctioneers Curt Malecha, Duane Weber and Mike Zupfer.