Print, Photographic
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Williams Sr. and Pvt. Hugh Williams Jr. Material: paper. Size: 3 1/2" x 6". Description: black and white photo snapshot of three people posed in front of a 1940s car; they are identified as Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Williams Sr. with their son Hugh Williams Jr. in military uniform posed between them; noted on the photo: "Rock Island Depot Owatonna, Sunday 1:15 p.m. as Hugh was leaving for the west coast via Kansas City: Ogden, Utah: Salt Lake: Sacramento, Calif.; to Albany, Oregon to Camp Adair".
Hugh Clark Williams was the son of Dr. Hugh Williams Sr. Both father and son practiced veterinary medicine at New Richland, Minnesota. Hugh Williams Jr. was born July 10, 1926 and died in 2002. He retired to Washington State to live with one of his children. The donor adds that the Williams were a fine family and a great asset to the New Richland community.