Print, Photographic
Paulson Confirmation Party Gathering. Material: paper. Size: 3 1/4" x 4 1/2". Description: black and white photo showing a group of family and neighbors gathered in front of the Christ and Eva Paulson house located on the Steele-Waseca county line; the occasion is the confirmation of the Paulson daughter, Elaine Paulson; identified in the front row left to right are Anna Jacobson, Hilma Tollefson, ?, Rachel Fossum, ?, Joan Amley, Dorothy Johnson, Doris Paulson, Elaine Paulson and Caroline Paulson; kneeling in front: Iona Paulson, Ruth Haug, Grace Hanson, Bernard Paulson, Juliet Paulson, standing toddler Pauline Haug and Bonnie Amley; others in the back rows are Anna Amley, Helen Haug, Anna Johnson, Martin Amley, Carl Paulson, Irene Paulson, Ralph Haug, Christ Paulson.