Radio, Base Station
E. F. Johnson Company Product. 1973. E.F. Johnson Base Station Messenger 250 Radio. Material: metal, plastic. (a) Base Station Radio. Size: 9" x 11" x 5" H. Description: brown metal case trimmed in gold; print on front: "Messenger 250, Solid State"; two number gauges on right side, E.F. Johnson logo in center; squelch and volume knobs and speaker jack; 50 year anniversary marker in lower left; black electrical cord extends from the back. (b) Microphone. Size: 4" W. x 10" H. Description: brown metal base and stand; gold painted microphone speaker; "Johnson" printed on front; black plastic button attached to stand; black cord attached to back of stand; sticker on bottom: "Set volume control for approximate distance of speaker from microphone, exact setting will depend on loudness of speaker's voice."
Waseca business: E.F. Johnson Co.; E.F. Johnson Company; E.F. Johnson Corporate Headquarters; E.F. Johnson Company Corporate Headquarters; E.F. Johnson Co. Corporate Headquarters; E. F. Johnson Co.; E. F. Johnson Company; E. F. Johnson Corporate Headquarters; E. F. Johnson Company Corporate Headquarters; E. F. Johnson Co. Corporate Headquarters. Donor's wife, Kathy Schuster, worked at E.F. Johnson 1973-1990. Kathy purchased this 50th year anniversary model while working at E.F. Johnson Company.